Deck Spotlight: Worgen Warrior

Deck Spotlight: Worgen Warrior

The OTK Warrior decks have always been a crowd favorite, and this one is no exception. Unlike many OTK deck styles, however, such as Mage or Priest, this one has a surprising amount of variety. Some include as many armor gain or late game transition cards as they can, attempting to collect all of the necessary combo cards and, after a strong Emperor Thaurissan turn, take out their opponent.

Another variation of the deck is a more aggressive approach. It uses its various Whirlwind effects to generate a bit of board control through things like Ravaging Ghoul or Wild Pyromancer. These can also be used as board clear as well as combo pieces, so deciding which to use as which is part of the reason this deck is more difficult to play.

Many even run Grim Patrons in their deck, which takes a bit from the OTK, but also makes your opponent easier to kill. Yes, you will end up using combo pieces to force board control with Patrons and even some face damage, keep in mind that even though you have less to combo with, your opponent is much weaker now anyways so you shouldn’t need all of the combo to win. Overall, this deck is played similarly to Tempo Warrior, as it has things like Fiery War Axe and Frothing Berserker in it. Like I mentioned earlier, an OTK is even easier to pull off if your opponent is on low health.

This deck performs well against aggro decks of various types, such as Aggro Shaman, Midrange Shaman or Zoolock. After all, the best form of board control is winning the game!