China's Hearthstone Rollback Sees Compensation, and raises Suspicion

About a week or so ago, Blizzard announced that the entire Chinese server would be undergoing heavy maintenance, and as a result, the game would be inaccessible from that region for a certain amount of time. This is far from unheard of in the world of Hearthstone, as all regions get regular maintenance to iron out bugs as well as relieve some stress on the servers for a couple hours. However, after logging back on after the servers were restored, there was an evident rollback of ranks, cards, collection and more to almost four days prior. Many players, especially those who had spent money on the game or crafted rare and expensive cards, simply lost their progress.

Apparently, it was quite the catastrophe. During the few hours of maintenance, the Chinese Hearthstone servers experienced a serious power failure, which resulted in thousands of players’ progression to be wiped without a trace. Due to this incident, they had no choice but to roll back the servers to the last time they performed, essentially, a manual ‘save state’ approximately 4 days ago. Players cried out, and Blizzard hastened to find a resolution. Working with individuals who lost a good amount was nearly impossible, as the Chinese regions is one of the most densely populated of all of the Hearthstone servers. Instead, they offered mass compensation, whether a player lost cards and progression or not.

It was decided that 25 classic packs were to be given to every player in the region who had played the game before January 18th. This was all well and good, before players began to experience an odd phenomenon – they were receiving cards at almost identical rarity and rates as they had before the rollback. Essentially, nation-wide dejavu. This prompts the question – were those packs really just everyday packs, was everything really lost in the power outage, and most importantly, are packs truly RNG or are they predetermined? This has been a heavy topic for debate on the forums and reddit alike, so feel free to voice your opinion here, or on any of those sites as well.