Blizzard Reveals More About their 'Global Games' Competition

Blizzard’s plan to launch ‘Global Games’ Competitions includes a variety ideas, some of which have been seen in the competitive scene before, while others haven’t. For starters, this will be a team based tournament on a global scale. We’ve seen TeamLeague tournaments before, so this concept isn’t unfamiliar – teams of 3-5 will compete against one another in random matchups for the title of champion. However, a new twist – these teams will be seeded by country, and players on these teams will all be representing a country.

This system will be placing highly ranked countries, such as the US, Germany and Sweeden, against lower ranked ones. The seeds will be taken by the highest ranked player participating from each nation, and go from there. Blizzard has taken similar courses of action in their other eSports scenes, particularly Starcraft II. They hold tournaments regularly for the NationWars Competition, where players compete in their individual nations for the chance of representing them at the worldwide event. This is almost exactly the format we’re seeing here.

This tournament, when taking place on a global scale, will feature a Best-of-5 game format, as well as a meaty $300,000 prize pool for its competitors. All in all, that’s about all we know about this new format for now. We don’t have dates or times yet, but as soon as we do, you can be sure to find them here! In the meantime, countries should be busy hunting down their strongest players to throw into the mix, because when this gets started, we can expect it to be heavily competitive.