Match Prediction: Infamous - Balrogs | Dota 2

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Welcome to the final week of games at DPC 2023 SA Division 1 Tour 3 with a betting contest for the Infamous vs Balrogs match. The match is naturally not of the first magnitude, but it's worth watching.

At least because we are approaching the climax of the year-long draw, and maybe next season Valve will change the principle of the professional league. I certainly hope so, but in the meantime we will see how happy or disappointed Infamous and Balrogs will be.

It's an important match for the two clubs as they both want to win. They both want to win because they can stay in the top division in South America, so we're getting ready for a busy fixture.

We'll see who will emerge victorious at the end of it, close out the series and earn important DPC points.

Infamous uniforms

Let's start the breakdown of the match by analyzing the playing form of Infamous. In this game, they will play the number one side.

The bookmakers single out the Brazilians as favourites. The odds on their victory are at 1.2.

Judging by the number, Infamous are a head above their rivals. Quite logical, given the status of the teams.

Yes, Infamous isn't exactly a star attraction lately, but compared to Balrogs, they're a TOP team. The results at the tournaments prove it.

Infamous has had a thorny year. In the first round of the DPC, the once top team in the region came out on top 8 and then went legitimately to the second division.

After the failure, the organisation opened up a second division to become the main roster. Thanks to this action, Infamous retained their place in League One, and they finished their second DPC season in the top 5 with a score of 2-5.

Amongst other things, there have been several attempts to triumph in local events, but all of them failed.

  • Infamous's line-up: mini, Mr.Jeans, hyko, Jupiter, nuages .

The names are all modest, but what yes they can do. So far, of course, it's not so good, but there is time for a comeback.

Infamous have a deplorable situation before the Long Sogneg match. The Brazilians are 1-3 and their only win came against Mad Kings, while Beastcoast, Thunder Awaken and Evil Geniuses lost. In fact, going forward, the team has easy opponents and has a chance to clinch a slot in the first division.

Infamous' most popular heroes

Infamous play a kind of dota. The most frequent character in the peak is Mirana (9 matches, 55% wins). Next is Muerta (7 matches, 14% wins).

Crystal Maiden, Bounty Hunter and Dark Seer have 4 matches each. Each character has a 75% win rate.

Also, Monkey King, Batrider, and Treant have 4 matches each. The first two have 2 wins each, but Treant has only won 1 game.

Seems like Infamous has had enough of the wisecracks. We need to stop pounding on Muerta and beat weaker opponents at the expense of the skill.

Barlogs form

Continuing the match review with an analysis of the Balrogs' form. In this match, they play the role of the outsider.

The bookmakers confirm their pre-match position. The odds for a Balrogs win are estimated at around 3.72.

In all fairness, the gap here could be even bigger, but Infamous don't inspire confidence, and so the situation is what it is. They are not doing so well this professional season and always have been.

The Balrogs are trying to play everywhere at once (12 tournaments a year) and they are understandable: for teams of their level, participation in local championships is potentially the only way to stay afloat and continue their professional activity.

Speaking of DPC 2023, they played in the DPC 2023 SA Tour 1: Division II Division II. They failed to qualify for the top division, finishing 3rd with a score of 4-3.

However, Balrogs' ascent was made possible during the previous DPC 2023 Division II tour. A year later, in fact, Balrogs managed to return to League One, there second place.

  • Balrogs: DCMC, Nengo, Arkano, Demon, Shaka.

Before the Long Sogpeg match, the Balrogs have an even worse situation than their future rivals. The team has not won a single series and at the same time have not taken a single game: They are now 0-4 in the series and 0-8 in the series respectively. And they have yet to play against Beastcoast.

Most popular Balrogs characters

The most chosen Balrogs character is Keeper of the Light. The character has appeared 7 times and has a 28% win rate.

Ember Spirit has been chosen 5 times and has won 3 games. Also tried to play Crystal Maiden (5 matches, 0% wins), Undying (4 matches, 75% wins), Underlord, Rubick, Disruptor (4 matches each, 0% wins).

If you lose 0-2 to Infinity, there's probably nothing that can help you anymore. A miracle is possible, but debatable.

History of head-to-head encounters

The teams have not played each other before. This match is the first face-off between the teams.

The outcome of the match

If it wasn't for the previous match, you could have bet on +1.5 for the Balrogs. However, a 0-2 defeat at the hands of one of the worst teams in the division is the ultimate oѕtrue. My pick is 2-0 on Infamous.

The argument for a complete win for Infamous is also supported by their match calendar. Further Infamous have easier games and Balrogs is just one of them.

Bottom line: 2-0 in favour of Infamous.

Now, the majority of bookmaker companies believe in Infamous victory. Odds on them are equal to 2.689. According to bookmakers data, Balrogs are the outsider and odds on their victory amounts 2.71.

How the teams played in the last matches

Last MatchesInfamous Balrogs
5 matches (wins)11
10 matches (wins)24

The statistics of personal battles between teams is also important for successful bets. The competitors have held 5 matches. In these battles Infamous got 4 victories while Balrogs managed to take 1 matches.