Match Prediction: Hokori - Balrogs | Dota 2

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Dota 2 doesn't end and today we've prepared a betting tip for the Hokori vs Balrogs match. The teams will open the third and final day of the second week of regular season games.

In light of recent events, namely the loss to Beastcoast, this match has been given new life. The clubs should have cheered up, as there remains a slim chance of making it into the top 2.

However, the scenario of Hokori or Balrogs getting into the top places is negligible, which means the central The International erse of the confrontation is the chance to stay in the top division for next season.

Let's try to figure out which team will be stronger in this matchup and earn an important win for themselves.

Let's get started.

Hokori uniforms

In this encounter, we'll open the showdown with Hokori's form. They are the favourites here.

The bookmakers believe in the success of the "dark horse" and give odds of around 1.2 for their victory. Quite a serious lead, I dare say.

Given South America and the mishaps going on here, one could argue with Hokori's status, especially since they made it to DPC 2023: SA Upper Division "controversially". Initially, Alliance.LATAM, the Peruvian division of the notorious Swedish club, got the slot.

Before the DPC 2023, that division ceased to exist due to poor results, but they kept the slot and now Hokori have Alliance.LATAM.

Hokori themselves once surprised at The International 2022, but those days are over. Now they're battling it out in the top division, seemingly without much prospect.

  • Hokori's line-up: Lumiere, Alone, Vitaly, Michael, Gardick .

Names, by the way, are well-known on the local stage. They have been in different famous clubs, but nothing special in terms of results.

For example, in 2023, we played twice in the local 1XPLORE LATAM tournaments, the first and the second. The first one was top 8, the second one was better, already top 4.

Within the current season, Hokori are in 5th position. Before the Long Song match Hokori have 1-2 stats with losses from region leaders Evil Geniuses and beastcoast, as well as a win over Infinity.

Hokori's most popular heroes

Among the most popular Hokori heroes, the next four are. Undying, Shadow Fiend, Skywrath Mage, Beastmaster with 4 matches and 2 wins each.

Pangolier, Alchemist (3 matches each, 33% wins). Dark Seer (2 matches, 100% wins), Silencer (2 matches, 50% wins), Techies (2 matches, 50% wins).

They play quite meticulously, but have their own inclusions in the peak. The same Shadow Fiend is essentially a unique choice for the local meta.

Balrogs Form

Continuing the match review with an analysis of Balrogs' playing form. In this match they are playing in underdog status with minimal chances of success.

The bookmakers put the odds on Balrogs to win at around 3.75. The figure seems logical, but if it weren't for Hokori, it would be even more impressive.

It's all down to Balrogs' rather mediocre results in the club's history. However, we do care about the success of this professional season.

Let's face it, Balrogs are too active on the local scene. They have played 12 events all season, but we are interested in several of them at The International.

For example, DPC 2023 played in the second division of DPC 2023 SA Tour 1: Division II. They failed to qualify for the top division, finishing 3rd with a score of 4-3.

Later there was a series of championships like EPL World Series, TodayPay Invitational Season 4, LATAM Rookie Challenge 5 and so on.

The biggest victory for the Balrogs, however, remains the previous DPC 2023: Tour 2. After virtually a year, Balrogs managed to return to League One, finishing second in DPC 2023 SA Division 1 Tour 2.

  • Balrogs: DCMC, Nengo, Arkano, Demon, Shaka.

The Balrogs are not as good as Hokori in terms of names, but in South America that factor doesn't really matter. For example, Beastcoast are losing to Mad Kings.

For now, though, the Balrogs are in last place in the South American standings. The team hasn't won a single game out of the 3 they've played against Evil Geniuses, Thunder Awaken, Infinity.

Most popular Balrogs characters

The most chosen Balrogs character is Keeper of the Light. The character has appeared 7 times and has a 28% win rate.

Ember Spirit has been chosen 5 times and has won 3 games. Also tried to play Crystal Maiden (5 matches, 0% wins), Undying (4 matches, 75% wins), Underlord, Rubick, Disruptor (4 matches, 0% wins).

The win rate is pretty much clear. The Balrogs are in bad shape, but again, South America imposes its own conditions.

History of head-to-head encounters between Hokori and Balrogs

Played each other once in 1XPLORE LATAM #2 in the 2023 season, with Balrogs winning 2-1.

Match outcome

In this match, I expect a lot of mistakes on both sides. The position of the teams in the standings, as well as their head-to-head encounter hints at this.

In this regard, I'll put my money on +1.5 from Balrogs. I'm still under the impression of Beastcoast, so I'm not ready to blindly trust the favourite.

Bottom line: +1.5 on Balrogs.

Now, the majority of bookmaker companies believe in Hokori victory. Odds on them are equal to 1.18. According to bookmakers data, Balrogs are the outsider and odds on their victory amounts 4.825.

What are the successes of the teams in the last games

Last MatchesHokori Balrogs
5 matches (wins)21
10 matches (wins)44

It will also be necessary to mention the history of face-to-face meetings between the opponents. The teams played 5 matches with each other before. And Hokori won 4 times while Balrogs correspondingly became the winner 1 times.