Match Prediction: Evil Geniuses - Infinity Esports | Dota 2

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We have prepared a betting tip for the Evil Geniuses vs Infinity Esports match in the DPC 2023 SA Division 1 Tour 3. A game that shouldn't come with any surprises.

Playing the clear favourites of the region against one of the worst teams in the league. Expect an easy 2-0?

That's what, by the way, was thought in the Beastcoast - Mad Kings matchup, but it happened as it happened. Maybe EG will keep up with their main rivals and lose an obviously easy match?

Let's see if Infinity Esports have a chance to repeat the success of their Mad Lions counterparts and outplay an iconic opponent on their way to potentially saving a slot in the top division.

Let's get started.

Evil Geniuses form.

Let's open the match analysis with an analysis of Evil Geniuses' form. They'll face the spectators in this match as clear favourites.

The bookmakers have already decided to give EG the win. The odds of success for Evil Geniuses are in the region of 1.1.

As mentioned in the announcement, the main favourite to win the season against one of the worst teams in the league is playing here. That fact alone confirms the pre-match state of affairs, while EG have other things to be proud of.

For example, their performance this year. Both the regional level and the international scene cannot boast more than the Infinity.

In the first round of DPC 2023 SA Division 1 Evil Geniuses finished second. A win over Beastcoast was not enough. Later attended The Lima Major 2023, where they more than made up for their home league loss by finishing in the top 6 at the Peruvian tournament.

Then they play the second round of the DPC in South America and again top-2, and again Beastcoast are ahead. Once again, however, the international scene helps, where EG are already in top-4 in ESL One Berlin Major 2023, making them the highest-scoring team from the region in history.

  • Evil Geniuses line-up: Pakazs, Chris Luck, Wisper, Matthew, Pandaboo.

It looks like EG seriously intend to beat their main, and perhaps only, rival in the form of bc in the third round. Before Long Sogpeg, Evil Geniuses had 4 wins in 4 matches and a perfect winrate on maps (8-0).

Evil Geniuses' most popular heroes

Evil Geniuses' most popular heroes were Beastmaster and Death Prophet. Both heroes were taken 8 times each and had a 75% win rate.

Following DP and Primal Beast was Leshrac, and most often he was played in the third position. He appeared 6 times and had a 66% win rate.

Also picking Marci (5 matches, 60% wins), Templar Assassin (4 matches, 100% wins), and Jakiro (4 matches, 100% win).

It's hard to imagine the kind of weapon that would allow Infinity to stand up to such a formidable opponent as EG. However, what the hell.

Infinity's uniform

Let's continue the parsing of the match with an analysis of Infinity Esports' uniforms. In this match, they are in the status of an obvious underdog.

The odds of Infinity Esports winning are estimated at around 5.5. That's still a compliment.

I'm sure they don't bet 8 or something like that since they remember the Beastcoast game, and realize that in a regional league the favorites can afford to take liberties.

I doubt that they will be able to play in this match since EG is aiming for a direct invite to The International 2023, but still, the possibility remains. For there is simply no other objective reason why Infinity could win: their individual play is worse, and that in turn affects their team performance, which in turn affects their overall performance.

Thus, Infinity Esports played in the first round of the DPC to the top 6, saving themselves a slot in the first league. There were also local andVent, similar to the BTS Pro Series, where Infinity took Top 8.

In the second DPC round, the team played better than before. They managed to reach the Top 4 and score some symbolic DPC points, but not much more.

  • Infinity Esports roster: Adrian, Leostyle, Frank, Kiri, Prada .

Leostyle and Frank are the most prominent players in the squad, but for now, Infinity can't make it to at least the middle of the standings on their shoulders.

Now the team is 1-3 and in the relegation zone. The team has won 1 match out of 4 (the only win was against Balrogs, they lost against Beastcoast, Hokori and Mad Kings.

Most popular Infinity Esports heroes

Among the most popular heroes are Tidehunter (7 matches, 42% wins), Rubick (7 matches, 28% wins).

Also appearing were Doom (6 matches, 66% wins), Disruptor (5 matches, 60% wins), Skywrath Mage (5 matches, 60% wins). Crystal Maiden, Storm Spirit, and Tusk also picked them (5 games and 40% win rate each).

They play meticulously, but can that help? EG are free to experiment in this game, because it seems that the result cannot be influenced anymore.

History of head-to-head encounters

EG have beaten Infinity twice in previous seasons. The last match ended 2-1 in favour of the "evil geniuses".

Result of the match

I expect a solid performance from Evil Geniuses in this match. They'd like to take their points from the qualifiers and clinch the top spot, then they can go straight to The International.

Bottom line: 2-0 by Evil Geniuses.

According to leading bookmakers predictions, the team Evil Geniuses are the favorite with average odds 1.073 at the moment. Respectively, bookmakers consider Infinity Esports to be the outsider of the match with odds on a victory in the sum of about 8.158.

What are the successes of the teams in the last games

Last MatchesEvil Geniuses Infinity Esports
5 matches (wins)42
10 matches (wins)74

The statistics of personal battles between teams is also important for successful bets. The participants in the battle before the meeting played 2 matches with each other. In these matches Evil Geniuses won 2 times, Infinity Esports active consisits of 0 wins.