Match Prediction: Monaspa - Entity | Dota 2

There will be three matches on Day 3 of the DPC 2023: WEU Upper Division - Tour II. One of the fixtures will be between Entity and Monaspa.

Both clubs are still at the top of the table thanks to victories in their opening games. After this boo3 the situation will change and some will rejoice in the 2-0 score in the standings, and some will have the results become 1-1.

Entity started their journey in the second round of the DPC with a full-fledged bo3. The team closed the series 2-1 and now share the lead with five other teams.

Monaspa also won one match. The team managed to beat one of the underdogs of the cycle and now a more serious test awaits them.

Let's see which team will continue their winning streak, and which will have to settle for 1-1 in the standings before the start of the new week.

Entity Form

We'll start the review with an analysis of Entity's form. They will have to play as favourites.

The bookmakers are confident of an Entity win. The odds on the top European team to win are around 1.2.

In fact, Monaspa have no chance before the match. Entity is a formidable opponent and they showed what they can do and how they can play, but I wouldn't bury the dark horses prematurely.

Entity's line-up

A less-than-stellar performance in Lima has not broken management's confidence in the team's ability to play. After the Lima Major 2023, Entity retained their roster in full.

Entity roster

  • watson
  • Stormstormer
  • Tobi
  • Kataomi
  • Fishman

I would like to point out the desire of Entity's performers to play dota and improve. In the match against Nigma, Kerry Watson was ranked #1 in the West European MMR rankings.

Kataomi deserves special attention. Even on the lost second card, his Magnus gave out tons of impact and almost tipped the situation in Entity's favor, but it wasn't enough.

Entity's performance

Entity finished DPC 2023: WEU Upper Division - Tour 1 in fourth place. The team played the regular season 4-3 before heading to round-robin replay with Tundra Esports and OG.

After going through tiebreaks Entity went to the Lima Major 2023. Prior to that, they entered the top 4 of the BB Universe Comics Zone.

After the group stage, Entity made it to the top of the playoffs, from where they crashed out losing to the future champions from Gladiators. Entity's stay in the tournament was halted by Talon Esports, who created the biggest sensation of the past championship.

The first match in the second round was against Nigma Galaxy. Despite a sizeable lead, Entity had a tough time, but emerged victorious: 2-1.

The heroes of Entity

Treant Protector, who appeared in 8 matches has a 62% winning percentage. On a par with Treant is Rubick, who has also appeared 8 times and has a similar winning percentage.

Slightly worse is Undying with 50% win rate in the same 8 matches. Almost the only team playing the Invoker. Stormstormer rolled their signature 6 times and won 4.

Directly on DPC Entity play their favourite characters. In addition to StormStormer's Invoker, we see Fishman's Disruptor, who has appeared in spades 3 times and won 2 matches.

Monaspa uniforms

We continue to look at the state of affairs of the teams before the start of the match. Monaspa will play this encounter in underdog status.

Bookmakers do not believe in the success of the Greeks. The odds on Monaspa are around 4, which hints at difficulties for the newcomers to the first division.

Of course, they will be. They will be playing a top-6 team in the Lima Major 2023, and that is a serious indicator.

Monaspa line-up

Monaspa also has some hardworking players. Their hard work is reflected in their never-ending quest to break through and, more importantly, secure a place in the top ranks of competitive Dota.

Monaspa Players

  • Nande
  • W1sh
  • Eleven
  • dEsire
  • SsaSpartan

In their first series at DPC 2023: WEU Upper Division - Tour II, the Greek squad put on a pretty solid performance. Incidentally, the Greeks then played against Ooredoo Thunders, the champions of the second division of the previous tour, and they beat the Gladiators with a substitution.

All in all, there's a chance to watch for a whole low scoop. Perhaps one of them will happen right now.

Monaspa's performance

Monaspa finished Western Europe's second division with a 5-2 statistic. After scheduled games, they had to play in round-robin replay for 3 teams.

During the regular season Monaspa managed to beat Ancien Tribe, Alliance, Bald Reborn, Water Rune Enjoyer and most importantly Ooredoo Thunders. They could have claimed the top spot had they not stumbled over D2 Huslters and Ivy, who lost 0-2 each.

Outside of the DPC ecosystem, they played in third-party events. The team finished in the top 6 at European Pro League Season 6, also won Winter Cup 2022.

From the more serious events was BB Universe: Episode I - Comics Zone. In the more serious company, Monaspa failed to prove themselves and finished in the Top-12 at that tournament.

In the first game at DPC 2023: WEU Upper Division Monaspa faced Ooredoo Thunders. Monaspa defeated their arch-rivals 2-0 without much trouble.

Monaspa Heroes.

Playing the meta, without much experimentation, but with a smattering of "their" characters. The most chosen hero is Rubick (26 matches, 65% wins).

Undying (20 games, 80% wins), Leshrac (18 games, 77% wins), Viper (18 games, 66% wins), Earthshaker (18 games, 55% wins) are often used.

Also playing Snapfire (16 games, 43% wins). Beastmaster (15 games, 40% wins) has about the same disappointing win rate.

History of head-to-head encounters

The teams haven't played each other in official matches before. This encounter will be the first experience of a head-to-head encounter in a high level event.

Result of the contest

Given what happened in the Ooredoo Thunders - Gaimin Gladiators match, there is reason to believe that Monaspa may surprise their opponents. I'm not in a hurry to speak about winning, but why not take the card?

Here, though, I'm still inclined to believe 2-0 from Entity. The patch brought their heroes to the meta, and therefore the game will be much more enjoyable. And the individual form of the performers is really good.

Bottom line: 2-0 win for Entity.

Entity против Monaspa: аналитика и прогноз на матч первого дивизиона DPC - Западная Европа. Entity стартовали с победы над Nigma Galaxy (2:1), а Monaspa довольно неожиданно переиграла Ooredoo Thunders (2:0).

Аналитика по команде Monaspa

Есть у них талантливые игроки, на первой позиции это Nande, на четверке - dEsire. У их мидера - W1sh есть Tinker и Zeus, которые нужно учитывать. Также обязательно что-то думать про Primal Beast от dEsire и Broodmother для Skylark. Я убежден в том, что победа над Ooredoo Thunders это везение для них и фактор Wuiter с Метеором от Wuiter из OT. В целом они играют неплохо, но сейчас они не готовы к победе над Entity, даже на одной карте.

Аналитика по команде Entity

Очень импонирует их легкая линия: watson + Fishman, слабо отыгрывал Stormstormer, но возможно это из-за того, что Sumail показывал себя очень невероятно. Главная слабость у Entity это их оффлейнер - Tobi, если у него хорошая игра, то им довольно легко получается находить плеи изаканчивать серии. Круто Stormstormer умеет возвращаться после проигранного лайнинга.

Прогноз на матч Monaspa - Entity

Тут ничего не буду выдумывать и просто заберу уверенную победу Entity, трудно мне представить, что должны сделать и набрать Monaspa, чтобы поверил в них даже на одной карте.

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Прогноз: Entity легко закроет Monaspa - 2:0

According to leading bookmakers predictions, the team Entity are the favorite with average odds 1.158 at the moment. Respectively, bookmakers consider Monaspa to be the outsider of the match with odds on a victory in the sum of about 5.033.

What are the successes of the teams in the last games

Last MatchesMonaspa Entity
5 matches (wins)43
10 matches (wins)77

It will also be necessary to mention the history of face-to-face meetings between the opponents.

The teams played 0 matches with each other before.

And Monaspa won 0 times while Entity correspondingly became the winner 0 times.