Match Prediction: Evil Geniuses - Gaimin Gladiators | Dota 2

Evil Geniuses is the 17th team of the world ranking. All three rounds of DPC managed to finish only in 2nd place, as they couldn't beat beastcoast at all, but the team is obviously stronger than bc, considering the results of the last majors. EG managed to take the 5th-6th position at Lima Major, although if they hadn't made stupid mistakes they could have gone even higher. Nevertheless, it's still a decent result. Dreamleague Season 19 was a bit worse, ending up in 7th place. At Berlin Major they managed to climb to the 4th place, which is a very strong achievement. DreamLeague Season 20 improved by one position compared to the previous season. They took 6th place. By the Bali Major they seemed to be out of shape and took the last place in the tournament.

Gaimin Gladiators are the 1st team of the world ranking. DPC finish the first round on the 2nd place, passing Team Liquid in front of them. Lima Major finished in 1st place, confidently beating Liquid in the grand final 3:0, but at that time TL had a replacement. According to the same trend and in the second round of DPC GG cede the leading position to Liquid, passing in front of them and Tundra. 3rd place. A similar situation to the previous major catches up with us at Dreamleague, where in a tough grand final GG defeated Liquid with the score 3:2. The same situation awaited us at Berlin Major. Liquid GG Grand Final, from which GG came out victorious. DPC had a rest during the 3rd round, but it didn't stop them from taking the 2nd place at the end of it. DreamLeague S20 was no exception to the team's winning ways. They won the tournament. The traditions of Bali Major have not changed, where the team once again took the 1st place.

Both EG and GG started quite sadly. But if in the case of GG I think it's just the magic of the first day, then I think EG are just weak at the moment. I'm trying the favourite to win.

I'm a prognosticator, it's what I do for a living. I devote all my time to it. No other interests.

I have been doing this for quite a long time and have achieved some success in it. Whether to believe me or not is up to everyone. But why not give it a try? Maybe you like this kind of life too!

Prediction: GG wins!

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At the moment, the majority of bookmakers unanimously see the team Gaimin Gladiators as the favorite of the game with average odds on a victory in the sum of 1.616. Evil Geniuses chances to prevail are evaluated with average odds 8.251 by bookmakers.

How the teams played in the last matches

Last MatchesEvil Geniuses Gaimin Gladiators
5 matches (wins)24
10 matches (wins)48

We will also remind you of the statistics of matches that the teams played with each other. The participants in the battle before the meeting played 8 matches with each other. In these battles Evil Geniuses got 2 victories while Gaimin Gladiators managed to take 2 matches.