N0tail (Johan Sundstein) -

Original name: Johan Sundstein
Country: Denmark

Johan «N0tail» Sundstein is one of the best gamers in esports history. N0tail won the biggest number of events by Valve and became the first gamer in the world when he became the two-time champion at The International. We offer you to explore the way N0tail became an esportsman.

Beginning of Career

N0tail’s career started a long time before he joined a professional team. When he was a child, he went to computer clubs where he played MoBA games. These were the games that would make the player successful a bit later.

N0tail started his career in Heroes of Newerth but in 2012 he moved to Dota 2. The first club for Johan was the European roster Fnatic.EU. There N0tail was playing from March 2012 till August 2014. He played at several The International tournaments but there were no big results. The next team for Johan was Team Secret.

Team Secret together with N0tail won their first significant championship – XMG Captains Draft 2.0. Johan did not manage to get on well with the teammates and in January 2015 he left the European organization. Later N0tail moved to Cloud9 where he did not stay there for a long time. In August 2015, N0tail founded his own team – (monkey) Business.

Monkey Business and OG

(monkey) Business appeared in August 2015. Three months later N0tail found sponsors and the team turned into OG. It was a jumping-off point for N0tail’s career.

A month later, N0tail and OG won The Frankfurt Major 2015. Less than half a year later they became the champions of another major – The Manila Major 2016. Gradually, OG got the status of «kings» of major tournaments.

In June 2016, the team won ESL One Frankfurt 2016 and after that the gamers won The Boston Major which was the third for N0tail 3.

In April 2017, N0tail and the team became the winners of The Kiev Major 2017. The victory of the fourth major tournament cemented the status of major «kings».

Decline Period and Fateful Moment

The team headed by N0tail was approaching The International 7 as a favourite. The team did not manage to regain self-possession and took 7-8 place shocking their fans. After that  there was a decline for OG. In December 2017, the team became the champion for MDL Macau and after that the gamer did not win any significant competition.

In May 2018, a couple of months before The International 2018, N0tail parted with his permanent teammate and friend – Fly. The transfer of the latter to EG was met as a real betrayal. OG headed by N0tail were forced to find a replacement. And they found him.

On 25 August 2018, there was a crucial moment for the competitive Dota. OG became the world champion making it to the championship through the European qualifiers breaking the traditions of victories West-East. N0tail and the team spent one of the most phenomenal matches in Dota history. The community called this victory «Cinderella Story». But this was not the end of OG’s triumph.

OG and Second Championship

After 2018, OG got more relaxed. N0tail and the team missed almost half of the competitive season, nevertheless, they gained enough DPC points to get qualified for The International 2019. In Shanghai, the team rewrote the history again.

OG headed by N0tail became two-time world champions for the first time in history. Additionally, they did it twice in a row with absolutely the same roster. This achievement makes them the most successful team in Dota history. Many representatives of the community mark that such results would be impossible without N0tail’s contribution.

Individual Awards

In his long-term career, N0tail did everything a esportsman can do. He is the richest esportsman in the world as the sum of his prize money turned over 6,904,000 dollars. He is the most titled gamer. Among his awards, we can see victories at four major tournaments and two The International tournaments. As well as his teammates in OG from 2018/2019,  he is the first gamer in history to become a two-time champion of The International.