MegaFon Winter Clash

The general information

The competition MegaFon Winter Clash will take place at Crocus Expo in Moscow, Russia on December 7-9. The company Epic Esports Events will be an organizer of the championship, which is famous to all esports fans for the successfully hosted Dota 2 and CS:GO tournaments in the EPICENTER series.

The format

The competition will be hosted in two stages - the group stage and the playoffs. Initially, all participants have been divided into two groups where they will play by the Round Robin system. A team that performs the best in its three will go right to the semi-final of the upper bracket of the playoff and the rest of participants will start their way from the lower part of the bracket. The playoff stage is a double-elimination bracket with bo3 matches but only the grand final of the competition will be hosted in a bo5 format.


Six teams have become participants of the championship in Moscow, which represent three regions - Europe, America, and China. The organizers have invited five teams directly and Natus Vincere has become the strongest team on the outcome of the qualifiers in the European region.

The prize pool

The organizers of the championship gave the participants the prize pool in the sum of $300,000, however, its distribution is unknown at the time of writing.