MDL Changsha Major 2018 schedule, match results, and betting predictions

Start date:
Prize Pool: $1,000,000 + 1,500 Dota Pro Circuit

General information


The studio Mars Media known by the Dota 2 fans from China will be planning the championship MDL Changsha Major 2018. The company started holding the championships in 2014 году and the tournament will be their 20th event. During this game season, MDL had enough time to hold MDL Macau 2017, which is remembered by the fans by the absence of pauses and the players were thrilled with the hotel and holding place.

Holding format

12 collectives will take part in the competition and only 4 of them were honored of getting direct invitations. Another five participants were defined by the qualifiers in Europe, the CIS, Southwest Asia, North and South America and the other three slots were taken by the best collectives by the results of the Chinese championship Dota2 Professional League Season 5 - Top. All the participants will be divided into two groups where they will play by Round Robin with the matches in the format “best of two”.

The winners of the groups will get to the semifinals of the winner’s bracket, the collectives finishing in 2 and 3 will start their way to the top from the quarterfinal of the winner’s bracket and the roster finishing in 4 or 5 will get to the lower bracket. One worst team in each group will leave the championship by the results of the group stage. The playoff stage will be held in the bracket double-elimination with the matches up to 2 wins. Only the first round of the loser’s bracket will be played in the format bo1, and at the grand final we are expecting for bo5.

Prize pool

The championship got the status “Major”, so the prize pool will be $1,000,000 and 1500 DPC Points, which will be necessary to get to The International 2018 directly. The division of the money reward is unknown yet, but the points will be divided this way:

    • 1 place: 750 DPC Points
    • 2 place: 450 DPC Points
    • 3 place: 225 DPC Points
    • 4 place: 75 DPC Points

Holding place

The holding place is the international center of conferences and exhibitions Hunan International Conference & Exhibition Center, which can hold 20.000 people. The center is one of the biggest in China and also there are conference halls, a post office, cafes, bars, etc. The center is located 11 kilometres from the airport and 6 kilometres from the railway so it won’t be difficult for the Dota 2 fans to get to the holding place.

Recent news

The results didn’t surprise a lot yesterday, at first, VGJ.Storm beat OG Dota 2 without a problem with a score of 2-0 and advanced further in the upper bracket together with Mineski, which also beat TNC Pro Team with a score of 2-0.
The group stage has been held without any sensation, as it had been expected the tournament left two teams Infamous and Vega Squadron, which could never win any of the maps at the tournament.
The first day of the group stage was finished predictably enough, only Invictus Gaming shows unexpectedly good performance in Group A and OG Dota 2 shows a very bad game, who have been expected better results. In Group B, almost all teams are playing equally, except Vega Squadron, who hasn’t won a map and are likely not to win.
The collective has won at the European qualifiers.
The invites have been given out to four collectives.
Another one Dota 2 tournament is to be held, so we start analyzing the matches. Due to the facts that the first day of the tournament is always unpredictable and the format of the matches is bo2, it will be difficult to give useful tips, but we will try to define the favourites.
The collective replaced Mineski at the closed qualifiers for Southwest Asia.
The CIS qualifiers to the Major championship, that will be hosted on May, have finished today.