GESC: Thailand Dota2 Minor

About organizers

The organizer of GESC:Thailand Dota2 Minor 2018 is the company GESC, who held only one championship before - GESC: Indonesia Dota2 Minor 2018. The competition took place without delays and any problems from the organizers but also there was nothing extraordinary as it was a regular minor tournament.

The format

Nine teams will be taking part in the competition and only two of them receive direct invitations from the organizers while the other participants were defined by the help of regional qualifiers in Europe, the CIS, China, Southwest Asia, North America and South America. The tournament will be held in two stages - the group one and the playoff.

The organizers placed all the participants in one group where they will play in Round Robin with the matches up to one win. According to the results two best teams will get to the semifinals and four rosters more finished in 2-6 will get to the quarterfinals while three worst collectives will leave the championship.

At the playoff stage, we’ll see a habitual bracket which is single-elimination with the matches up to two wins. The grand final will be held in the bo5 format.

The prize pool

The competition got the status “Minor”, so the prize pool will consist of $300,000 and 300 DPC Points, which are necessary for getting directly to The International 2018. You can get familiar with the division of the prize pool below:

The holding place

The holding place was chosen to be “Bangkok International Trade & Exhibition Centre”, where the main hall can accommodate 9600 people. The center was opened in 1997. The total area of the exhibition rooms of 50400 km², while the parking can place 4700 cars. Apart from the exhibitions, the center often holds international musical concerts.