iNation CS:GO team

To find out in what shape iNation is, it is necessary to know the statistics of recent matches and also a performance at a particular tournament. This information will allow fans of the discipline CS:GO and those who make bets to understand a particular shape of a team and chances to succeed in a match or a tournament.

Performance statistics of iNation:

The number of victories in the last 10 matches: 8 (80%).

The number of matches, which were played by iNation in the past 3 months - 35. Also, the number of won matches - 24, which amounted 69%.
The number of matches, which were played by iNation in the past year - 89. Also, the number of won matches - 57, which amounted 65%.

All fans of the team iNation should remember the following date - 06.02.2023. At this time, iNation will face in the match with FTW Esports at the championship CCT West Europe Series #1.

The tournament ESEA Cash Cup: Europe - Winter 2023 #2 was a place for the last match of iNation. At the above-mentioned event, iNation played a match against the team zu krass, which was carried out on 29.01.2023.

iNation achieved victory in this match with a score of 0:2.

We confidently say that iNation are in good shape because in the last 5 matches, they achieved 4 victory(victories) (80%).

What is the current roster of iNation CS:GO
In last matches for iNation played: Dragon Kind0 DEPRESHN choiv7 VLDN
When is the umcoming match for iNation CS:GO
Schedule of the next matches iNation:
06 February 2023 - 19:00 (UTC) vs FTW Esports
What is the nearest tournament with the participation of iNation CS:GO
Upcoming tournaments iNation will play in:
10 November 2022 A1 Gaming League 2023
03 February 2023 Wandercon 2023
06 February 2023 CCT West Europe Series #1

Upcoming matches iNation