Zqk will play for Misfits

The representatives of Misfits organization informed about reshuffle in the main roster. Caio «zqk» Fonseca will play instead of Shahzeeb «ShahZaM» Khan on Americas Minor Championship 2017. Shahzeeb did not leave the organization but was moved to reserve.

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The official reason for this reshuffle is refusal of Shahzeeb to go to the bootcamp. According to player, he was ready to go to the play house, but the organization announced bootcamp start only in a day, and Khan could not give up his affairs.

Misfits roster for Americas Minor Championship 2017:  

Hunter «SicK» Mims
David «devoduvek» Dobrosavljevic
François «AmaNEk» Delauney
Skyler «Relyks» Weaver
Caio «zqk» Fonseca
Luis «peacemaker» Tadeu  (coach)