ESL Pro League Season 7 Europe

The European CS:GO league

The general information

ESL Pro League Season 7 is a regular season of the CS:GO league in Europe. EPL #7 will be held from February 13 to April 26.

The prize pool of the league’s tournament amounts $125,000. 14 teams take part in EPL #7. The top six teams will receive not only good winnings but a chance to play at ESL Pro League Season 7 Finals. $750,000 will be up for grabs in the final of EPL #7 and the main money prize will be in the sum of $225,000.

The ESL Pro League series was established in 2015 and the general prize pool of the first final amounted $225,000.

The format

All participants will play two bo1 matches. A winner will earn 3 points for a victory in regular matches, in which no more than 30 rounds will be played. Teams will divide 3 points in matches with overtimes. An overtime winner will receive 2 points, while a loser will get only one point.

On the outcome of earned points, the best participants will be determined that will advance to ESL Pro League Season 7 Finals.