The best slots based on video and computer games

As casino gaming becomes more and more like normal gaming , the inspiration also becomes clearer. Today there are slots that are completely based on our favorite games. An interesting theme that you recognize and like is something we always appreciate. Tomb Raider, Space Invaders, and many others are games that can also be found in the casino world. Below we will list the ones that are our absolute favorites ⁠— Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, and Hitman. They have both had a big role in our childhood, and the fact that they are now both on the slot market is a big plus. Nostalgia, good graphics, good gameplay. What more could you really want?

Online casino is a growing phenomenon, both in Sweden and globally. In the past, there was a bit of a shame around gambling, but this is something that has completely disappeared in recent years. Today, you can find advertising for gambling companies everywhere, and gambling has become clean. The shame is no longer there. Slots are the most popular form of gaming when it comes to almost all casinos. The reason for this is mainly how easy it is to get into, as well as the constant torque. Whether you intend to play for two minutes or two hours, you know it will be a moment of excitement. An excitement that is hard to find elsewhere.

The best slots based on video and computer games. Picture 1

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Slot

A game that we have loved since childhood is now also available as a slot. The graphics, the sounds, and the whole feel are taken directly from the game. A nostalgic feeling for us who haven't played it in a long time. In addition to having a fun and good theme, the game is also very well made. Whether you played the original or not, you can definitely appreciate it.

If you want to find a site to play Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Slot on, you can go to and scroll through their reviews. There you will find more or less all casinos. In other words, the search will not be very long. You will quickly find a page that offers this slot.

Hitman Slot

Another game that has a special place in our heart is Hitman . It doesn't really matter which version. It was also a game that marked childhood for many of us. Now as a slot it has somewhat the same effect as Call of Duty. The graphics and music transport you back in time and the body is filled with feelings of nostalgia. Even Hitman Slot has a gameplay that impresses even beyond this. Sure, it might not be very unique otherwise. But, it is also not always what you are looking for. Straightforward gameplay also has its place in the slots library.