Match Prediction: Team Liquid - Team Vitality | VALORANT

Team Liquid and Team Vitality will meet in the first round of the group stage of the VALORANT Champions Tour 2023: EMEA League. A very interesting encounter in which I would not name a clear favourite.

First of all, this is due to the failure of Liquid in Brazil. Secondly, Team Vitality can surprise quite a bit, as the team tears up the pace a lot and gets a great picture.

All in all, I'd take a closer look at the map from Team Vitality here. Everything rests on the general weakness of Team Liquid, which, despite its strong roster, still hasn't opened up.

Team Liquid's form

The seventh team in the European rankings has shown a weak game in the Red Bull Home Ground #3, where it lost to KRÜ Esports already in the quarterfinals almost without a chance.

Recently, Team Liquid came to VCT 2023: LOCK//IN São Paulo where they lost in the first round to Team Secret and were eliminated. With all that in mind, the Liquid could be in for a big blowout in the regular season.

On the other hand, the squad now has one last chance, after which replacements and revisions of the current base could come.

Team Liquid's latest results:

  • A 2-0 win over FUT Esports.
  • A 1-2 loss to 100 Thieves.
  • A 2-0 win over Team Heretics.
  • 0-2 defeat to KRÜ Esports.
  • A 0-2 defeat to Team Secret.

Team Liquid's best cards:

  • Ascent - 67% wins.
  • Icebox - 67% of wins.

It is worth noting that the European squad is giving up their Haven card.

Team Vitality's form

The third European ranked team managed to take third place at G-Loot VALORANT Clash - Grand Finals and Red Bull Home Ground #3, although the guys didn't push hard in places.

Of the latter, Team Vitality took part in the VCT 2023: LOCK//IN São Paulo, where they had great difficulty coping with Global Esports, before losing to Leviatán Esports altogether.

Thus, we can't say that we have a strong team. But it certainly can't be called weak, because the guys are able to create their own chances.

Team Vitality's latest results:

  • A 0-2 defeat at the hands of Cloud9.
  • 2-0 win over Team Heretics.
  • A 0-2 defeat to 100 Thieves.
  • 2-1 victory over Global Esports.
  • Defeat by Leviatán Esports 0-2.

Team Vitality's best cards:

  • Split - 100% wins.
  • Ascent - 100% wins.
  • Lotus - 100% wins.
  • Fracture - 60% wins.
  • Haven - 50% wins.

In turn, Team Vitality does not show up on the Icebox map.

Team Liquid vs Team Vitality match statistics

The teams have not met in their current line-up yet.

Team Liquid vs Team Vitality preview

There are big questions about the game of "liquid", which still can not find themselves. Team Vitality, in turn, does not jump over themselves, but they do have some interesting tricks. What's more, it will be interesting to see Team Liquid's variability here, which may not be enough for BO3. So in this case I would recommend betting on the Forum on cards (+1.5) for Team Vitality.

According to leading bookmakers predictions, the team Team Liquid are the favorite with average odds 1.664 at the moment. Respectively, bookmakers consider Team Vitality to be the outsider of the match with odds on a victory in the sum of about 2.272.

Team statistics in recent matches

Last MatchesTeam Liquid Team Vitality
5 matches (wins)23
10 matches (wins)56

Gamblers will definitely be interested in the statistics of personal meetings between the teams. The teams played 1 matches with each other before. In these matches Team Liquid won 1 times, Team Vitality active consisits of 0 wins.