Sangal decided to disband the lineup

The Turkish organization Sangal decided to dissolve its composition in the discipline VALORANT. It is noted that all players have valid contracts with the organization and are put up for transfer in anticipation of fresh offers.

The original Sangal lineup was formed at the end of last summer. Since then, the organization has spent some time gathering the full roster and heading to its first championship. However, even by the standards of the Turkish region, Sangal was not a strong team capable of fighting for titles. As a result, for 2020, the team did not manage to be remembered for significant performances, taking 5th-6th place at First Strike Turkey, as well as getting into the TOP-4 in the Elite Invitational.

The new season for the team was promising, since in mid-January Sangal became the second in the Open Fire. However, the team failed all subsequent championships and qualifications, in particular, three times for qualifying for VCT 2021: Turkey Stage 1-2 Challengers 2. The situations did not help and the changes in the roster that happened already during the current season. For example, Unity joined Sangal in February, and Kipperman was signed in March.

Sangal's latest roster looks like this: