Hearing: ISSAA tested as part of OG

ISSAA is actively training at VALORANT along with the OG team. This information was shared by a well-known insider neL. At the moment, there is no confirmation of this information from either the player or the organization.

As I wrote a few days ago, sources confirm that ISSAA is playing practices with OG's VALORANT line-up. His contract with the organization is still active. He plays a lot with VALORANT these days and has said in the past that he might consider switching.

Interestingly, the first rumors about the transfer of the Jordanian player to VALORANT appeared a little over a month ago. As a reminder, ISSAA left the OG CS: GO team in March. Note that the player made a decision to leave the team together with his teammates, referring to unsatisfactory results. One of the versions of the e-sportsman's departure is also his location, which is why he could not come to the team for the bootcamp.

The player himself has already stated that he is ready to consider the possibility of changing the discipline. According to the Jordanian, his decision will depend on what offers he receives.

The composition of the OG VALORANT team appeared in February 2021. Then the organization signed the Monkey Business team. For three months, the team performed only in two tournaments, taking 5-8 places in each.

The possible OG lineup is as follows: