niesoW pauses career

niesoW decided to suspend his professional career, as announced by the head coach of Team Heretics. Note that initially there were rumors about the player's intention to end his career.

First, the information is false. niesoW does not retire, but takes a long break to focus on real life and family situations.

niesoW is not obliged to explain personal family issues to anyone, and only he can decide when he is comfortable sharing this information in the future. Being a professional gambler is stress in itself, and problems in real life can only cause psychological harm, as well as affect your health.

According to the trainer, personal problems are the main reason for temporary withdrawal of NiesoW. It is noted that the German player expressed his desire to pause his career even after First Strike Europe in December. However, the parties managed to find a temporary compromise, allowing the player to train at a convenient time.

It is worth adding that the length of the pause in the niesoW career has not been specified. However, Tanizhq stressed that the player will continue to train in his spare time.

From now on, the composition of Team Heretics is as follows: