VALORANT's new competitive season is around the corner

Riot Games yesterday presented the first details of the second act VALORANT. We were told about the innovations in the ranked games, showed the system of the act ranks and shared plans. Collected for you a squeeze of the most interesting

  1. Act rank system

In the second competitive season, VALORANT will add an Act Ranking System. This function will track the level of "proven skill". The actual rank of acts will be based on the top 9 wins in the act, as well as the percentage of wins in the act.

  1. Grades frame

The second major innovation is visual. For ease of perception of the system of acts, a rank triangle will be introduced. He will track the progress of the game at different skill levels. At the same time, victories at a higher rank will "overlap" victories at lower skill levels.

The new VALORANT competitive season is just around the corner. Photo 1

  1. Competitive Mode Changes

Of the most important: the rank is calculated according to the understatement system, that is, it will be lower than the real indicator, you need 3 matches for calibration, calibration matches are not taken into account when calculating the rank of the act, achievements during the act will be saved in the "Career" tab.

With the new season, VALORANT will be radically changed. Whether they will help solve the current problems with ranked games or not, we will find out very soon.