Leaks: Riot Games Prepares To Announce New Agent In VALORANT

A major update will be released for VALORANT in August 2020. Together with him, a new agent, codenamed "Killjoy", will most likely be added to the game.

After patch 1.04, the game found a lot of confirmation of the imminent arrival of the agent. A decorative change has been added to Split: a poster of Killjoy was found near the shop on the Split map. In addition to this Easter egg, in the audio files of the game, replicas were found, most likely belonging to the future agent. Dataminers also managed to unearth the features of the new character.

In the files, we managed to find a mention of the character's abilities. Killjoy will have its own turret similar to the one used by Tjornbron in Overwatch. The character himself will be in every possible way associated with high technology and engineering skills. The community has already dubbed him as the main "geek" of the VALORANT world.

Killjoy will become the 12th VALORANT agent. It is likely that for its release, Riot Games will prepare a special event or quest chain, as well as a cosmetic set for the character.