Ignition Series: a series of VALORANT tournaments

VALORANT has joined the ranks of e-sports disciplines since the release, June 2. In honor of this, the development company Riot Games holds a series of tournaments under the general name Ignition Series.

Ignition Series are timed to the first competitive season, which bears a similar name. Championships in this series will be held around the world, until the end of 2020. We offer a more detailed look at the first series of e-sports tournaments for Valorant.

Championship List

Ignition Series - the union of many championships under a single umbrella. In total, the Ignition Series includes 12 championships. For 6 of them we will observe in the near future.

This is a list of tournaments that we will follow in the summer. Another 6 championships came to an end. Among them

Tournaments are divided by region, each of which has its own characteristics. We will focus on them.

Features of the Ignition Series

Riot Games has its own approach to hosting cybersports events. They emphasize the division of teams by region. This allows you to expand the possible championship formats.

In the case of the Ignition Series, Riot go a proven path. Championships are divided by geographical principle. There are 7 regions in total

Tournaments in each region are carried out by different organizations. For example, in Europe, tournaments are held by e-sports organizations: G2, Vitality, and so on. In addition to this, in tournaments, the Ignition Series is constantly experimenting with the holding format. The system itself is very similar to the League of League of Legends, where each region has its own format. This approach allows you to create a unique e-sports ecosystem, with its own identity and uniqueness.