Riot Games unveiled the competitive scheme for 2023

Riot Games has unveiled the VALORANT competitive scheme for 2023. Key changes include a new in-game competitive mode, expanding VALORANT Regional Leagues to other regions, increasing support for Game Changers, and creating international leagues to bring more teams to other regions to compete.

One of the changes coming to VALORANT in 2023 is a new competitive mode in the game that will be directly integrated with the esports ecosystem. The mode will not replace the current matchmaking system, but will provide additional opportunities for players who have reached the highest rank.

In addition, internal leagues for different regions will be introduced. Regional leagues in Europe have been ongoing since the beginning of the year, and Riot Games has announced that a similar model will be rolling out to other regions as well. The top teams from each region will compete in one of three international leagues - Asia, America and Europe - featuring local and inter-regional competitions.

The division of teams that will compete in their respective international leagues is as follows:

The main change is the introduction of a partner system that is different from other franchise models presented in the League Championship and Overwatch League. In this system, Riot Games will provide partners with financial support in exchange for partnering with the company, allowing them "an exclusive opportunity to collaborate on unique in-game activations and products" and "distribute esports branded content that allows (players) to express their esports fandom both while watching, as well as during the game.