VALORANT may have a new agent selection system

According to authoritative insider ValorLeaks, Riot Games is testing an updated agent selection system, which is codenamed "Cascade". Note that, in essence, the system is similar to the one currently used when selecting League of Legends heroes.

Riot Games is currently experimenting with the Cascade system. It currently functions as a 10 second interval for each player. Players can also select a secondary agent as a preference. Everything is subject to change as the process is under development.

To explain a little more. Each player has 10 seconds, after 10 seconds the next player can choose their agent and so on. Riot Games has sent out surveys to players so they can provide feedback on the system as it stands. As mentioned above, things can change.

It is reported that each player will be given ten seconds to choose a character, after which the turn will move to the next member of the team. In this case, the user can also specify a secondary agent.

Based on community feedback, the addition of a new agent selection system will reduce the toxicity of some players who deliberately ruin a match by choosing another user's favorite agent.