Itopata resigned as head coach of Wave Esports

The Austrian esports organization Wave Esports has announced the parting ways with Itopata, who has been the coach of the VALORANT roster for the past year and a half. Note that after this announcement, not a single active player or specialist remained in the team.

Itopata took over Wave Esports in November 2020. In a season and a half, the Bulgarian specialist helped the team win VCT 2021: Europe Stage 1 Challengers 1, epic.WAN 32, Agent's Range - Agent's Rising #10 and Kingdom Calling #2.

The last tournament for Itopata as a coach of Wave Esports was VRL 2022 DACH: Evolution Stage 1, following which the team took second place and earned $4,954.

Immediately after the championship, the Austrian organization announced a global overhaul of its VALORANT division, parting ways with roxie and Feeqn. The rest of the team left the starting line-up, but are still linked to the club by contracts.

It is unclear whether the organization plans to return to the discipline. However, the team still has a slot at the upcoming VALORANT Regional Leagues 2022 DACH: Evolution Stage 2.

Wave Esports' VALORANT division currently looks like this: