The first details of ELEAGUE Cup for Rocket League

The organizers of the upcoming championship for Rocket League announced the first details of the tournament.

ELEAGUE Cup: Rocket League will take place on December 1 – 15 and will be divided into 3 episodes, the first of which will be played on December 1 – 3, the second one – on December 8 – 10, and the third on December 15 – 17. The general prize pool for the event will be $150,000. ELEAGUE Arena, Atlanta, USA, will be the venue of the event.

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Currently, the list of teams to participate in ELEAGUE Cup is unknown, but there is information that there will be 10 participants and each of them will get direct invite to the event.

Also, there is no information about prize pool distribution. The organizers will announce more details about the events later.