The first 4 participants of RLCS Season 4 - Finals determined

The league RLCS Season 4 has come to the end in North America. Due to its results, 4 best teams were determined that passed to the LAN final.

The Cloud9 players showed the best performance in the RLCS league. They finished their participation in the group stage with a statistic 6-1, after which beat NRG eSports with a score 4-2 and Ghost Gaming with a score 4-1 at the playoff stage.

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Ghost Gaming held the second place, NRG eSports got to the third one and G2 Esports held the fourth place. Three best teams in the American and European divisions will go to the quarterfinal of the tournament’s final stage. Teams to hold the 4th places in their leagues will get to Round of 10.

The tournament table of RLCS Season 4 - North America looks as follows:

Place Prize Seed Team
1st $17,250 RLCS Season 4 Finals Cloud9
2nd $13,750 RLCS Season 4 Finals Ghost Gaming
3rd $11,250 RLCS Season 4 Finals NRG eSports
4th $9,250 RLCS Season 4 Finals G2 Esports
5th-6th $8,500 RLCS Season 5 FlyQuest
7th $7,250 Promotion Playoffs Allegiance
8th $7,250 Promotion Playoffs Renegades

RLCS Season 4 - Finals will be run on November 10-12. Besides four known rosters, six more teams will take part in the LAN final. Four of them will pass through the European division and other two — through the Australian one.

A prize pool of Finals amounts $150,000. The main prize amounts $55,000 as it was in the previous season.

The list of participants of RLCS Season 4 - Finals:

Ghost Gaming
NRG eSports
G2 Esports
Europe #1
Europe #2
Europe #3
Europe #4
Australia #1
Australia #2