Review of the second day of RLCS Season 3 Europe

Team Secrecy 2:3 The Leftovers
(2:1, 2:1, 2:5, 3:4, 1:2)

In the first match, Secrecy had shot the fast goal and exchanged goals near the end of the match. In the second match, Mognus&Co were able to run over their opponent. In the third match, Leftovers destroyed their opponent. Leftovers won the challenging match in the overtime. In the final match, Leftovers put the squeeze on its opponent and celebrated the minimal victory in the series.

Team Secrecy 3:1 PENTA
(2:3, 2:1, 2:1, 1:0)

In the middle of the match, each of teams shot two goals and Penta shot the decisive goal in the overtime. The third match had the overtime as the second had but this time the victory was received twice by Secrecy. In 75 seconds before the end of the 4th match, Secrecy had shot a goal, which brought them victory in the match and the series.

Pocket Aces 3:2 PENTA
(1:5, 3:2, 5:0, 0:1, 3:1)

Penta left no chances to their vis-a-vis at the first map, having won them 5:1. At the first and the third maps, PA showed what they could and left no chances to their opponents. Despite the loss at the 4th map, Pocket Aces were able to get to the final match and proved that English-speaking analysts consider them a very strong team for a good reason.

Pocket Aces 3:0 Cow Nose
(2:0, 2:0, 2:1)

In this game, paschy90&Co simply won their opponent by the class in all three matches and have left no doubts that they hold the first place in the European region at the 3rd season of RLCS for a good reason.

Mock-It eSports EU 3:2 Cow Nose
(1:2, 2:3, 5:0, 4:2, 3:0)

The first two games were carried in the similar scenario, namely Mock-it led the scores, but CW settled and won in the overtime. Further, the French-Scottish team did everything they could to play the final map. And for a good reason, they left no chances to their opponents on the 5th map.