Preview of RLCS Season 3

Tournament key information

RLCS Season 3 will take place in Wiltern Theater, Los Angeles, USA. Theatre capacity is only 1850 places. A week ago, the organizers announced that all tickets were sold out. The prize pool for LAN-final is 150,000$, and the general prize for the event is 300,000$. 10 teams will participate 4 teams from Europe and America and two representatives of the Oceania. Despite the uncommon number of participants, the tournament still has Double Elimination format. In the first round, teams from Oceania will play against teams from European and American divisions that took 4th places on the online qualifiers.

Teams key information

Let’s split the teams according to the regions they represent: America, Europe, and Oceania.

We’ll start with the new region in Rocket League, Oceania. Alpha Gaming and Just a Minute Gaming will represent this region. These teams took the first and the second places on the online qualifiers. Alpha is the team that has already taken more than 20 first places in different tournaments. The roster members have been playing together for more than 6 months and this team is the best one in their region. JAM takes the second place in the region. They always loose matches against their main opponent, Alpha Gaming. The roster members play together since February 2017, and they reached their best shape in March.

Interesting facts:

  1. 0ver_Zero is the winner of the first season of RLCS in iBuyPower roster, and currently, he is a coach for Just a Minute Gaming.
  2. Torsos, Alpha player, is the first and the only one who uses keypad and mouse not the gamepad.
  3. Both teams choose long and low cars, but not Octane that has already been tested on hundreds of European and American tournaments

Now let’s dwell upon the representatives of American division: Denial Esports, Selfless Gaming, Rogue, NRG Esports. We’ll start with NRG Esports who play on the RLCS LAN-finals for the first time. We don’t expect much from this team, as they choose a defensive style of game which is not good for the Rocket League. Selfless Gaming took the third place during online-qualifiers. This is one of the first official organizations that appeared in competitive Rocket League arena, however, they have reached no prominent results, and this tournament will hardly be the one to change the situation. The roster members have been playing together for about half of the year. Rogue (ex-Atelier) are the second team according to online qualifiers. The roster was formed three weeks before new Rocket League Championship Series started. This team demonstrated good game that can be compared to the game of NRG Esports, which took the first place in the American region. The previous season, NRG Esports also took the first place in the division, and 5-6 on the finals. However, they replaced Sadjunior with GarretG this season.

The last region is Europe: Northern Gaming, The Leftovers, FlipSid3 Tactics, Mock-It eSports EU. Northern Gaming took 4th place in online qualifiers. The team exists more than a year but had only small changes in a roster. The name of The Leftovers speaks for the team. This is another roster that has been created 3 weeks before the event started from the players who played alone. The biggest problem for them is that this will be the first professional tournament for Snaski and Ferra, while Sikii played on RLCS LAN two times already. FlipSid3 Tactics are in the list of favorites for this event. Many consider Mock-It eSports EU to be the strongest team. It was created on January 20, and took top-three places on the championships of different scales. The only thing that can stop them from winning this event is that the French duo has almost no experience in playing in front of the live audience.

The third season of Rocket League Championship Series will give answers to the following questions featured in the review of the tournament:

1) What are the Oceanian teams capable of?
2) Will the winners alternate according to the regions?
3) Will we see FlipSid3 Tactics in the final match for the third time in a row?
4) How will the organizers of the event surprise us the future of the game?

Prize pool distribution:

1st place - 55,000$
2nd place - 30,000$
3rd place - 16,000$
4th place - 11,000$
5-6th place - 8,000$
7-8th place - 6,000$
9-10th place - 5,000$

Talents list:

Kevin "FindableCarpet" Brown - caster
Adam "Lawler" Thornton - caster
Brody "Liefx" Moore - caster
Callum "Mega Shogun" Keir - caster
Caleb "WavePunk" Simmons - caster
Randy "Gibbs" Gibbons - analyst
James "Jamesbot" Villar - analyst
David "yumi_cheeseman" Lane - analyst
Joey "AwesomeJoey" - desk host
Alex "Axeltoss" Rodriguez - stage host