Psyonix Announces RLCS X

Now RLCS will no longer be a league in the classical sense of the word. Instead, the RLCS X will consist of several championships, culminating in the Rocket League World Championship. In order to break into the Rocket League World Championship, you will need to earn points played in the framework of tournaments.

Events will be held in the format of three seasonal splits: Autumn, Winter and Spring. Each of the splits will be divided into regional events for two main divisions: North America and Europe.

All regional tournaments will begin with open qualifications, and each split will end with a Major Championship. In addition, each of the splits will differ in format. Thus, the Autumn split will have a format for 32 teams, the Winter split - for 24, and the Spring split - for 20 participants.

In regional tournaments, $ 100,000 will be played, and in major events, the organizers will distribute $ 250,000 among the participants. The total prize pool of the main tournament of the Rocket League World Championship will be $ 1,000,000. It will be distributed among the 16 best teams from different regions: 6 teams from North America, 6 from Europe, 2 from South America and 2 from Oceania.

At the end of the season, more than $ 4,500,000 will be raffled off in all regions.

Autumn Split Format Details

South America and the countries of Oceania will not remain deprived and rating championships will also be held there, but at the moment the details about their conduct are still unknown.

In the world of RLCS, the weekly The Grid tournaments will appear, which have received inspiration from classic automobile sports. As part of The Grid, nine weekly championships will be held, and $ 10,000 will be played in each of them. The event will allow the best participants to enter the regional RLCS X championship. The team with the best results will go straight to the major split.

Of the sixteen teams, the top ten will remain in the next season of The Grid, and the six worst will compete for their places in Relegation matches.

After each split, The Grid points will be reset, so they cannot be used to enter the Rocket League World Championship.