Elevate will miss Six Charlotte Major 2022

The Elevate team will miss the upcoming Six Charlotte Major 2022. The organization's management issued an official statement in which they explained the situation and said that they were unable to fly to the United States or Mexico to participate in the championship.

The Elevate team will not be able to travel to the United States and Mexico due to the lengthy visa application process. We tried to expedite this process by paying an urgent fee and also scheduling an emergency interview. Unfortunately, we were refused, as a result of which the team lost the right to play at Six Charlotte Major 2022.

We would like to apologize to the fans who were looking forward to meeting the players and the performance of the team. We are grateful to everyone for their continued support.

The information was also confirmed by the organizers, who decided to give Elevate a part of the prize fund, as well as 50 rating points.

Today, we regret to announce that Elevate will not be participating in the Six Charlotte Major 2022. Despite working with the team and our tournament organizer to facilitate and expedite the process of applying for a visa to enter the United States, their request was denied.

Unable to obtain a visa to enter Mexico in time for the start of the competition, and in order to maintain the competitive integrity of this international competition, we have made the difficult decision to exclude the team from the Six Charlotte Major 2022. As the competition starts this Monday, Elevate will not be anyone -or replaced and the competition will continue with 15 teams.

Elevate will receive a share of the total prize pool corresponding to the last place, as well as 50 points. Our teams are currently working on changing the competition format and schedule for 15 teams. More details will be published soon.

Six Charlotte Major 2022 group stage draw

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Recall that earlier the Brazilian teams Team oNe eSports, FURIA Esports and w7m esports reported that they would not be able to visit the United States to participate in Six Charlotte Major 2022 due to problems with obtaining visas. As a result, the teams will have to play in the championship from Mexico

Six Charlotte Major 2022 will be held from May 16 to May 22 in the American city of Charlotte at the Charlotte Convention Center. 15 teams from all over the world will compete for an unannounced prize pool and ranking points in the tournament. Note that the championship will be the first for the discipline with a live audience since the start of the coronavirus pandemic.