BC left the post of coach of DarkZero Esports

BC announced his resignation as the coach of DarkZero Esports. The American specialist announced this on his Twitter, adding that he will remain in the organization as the general manager of the Rainbow Six team.

I officially moved to the position of General Manager of DarkZero Esports. And while it's extremely exciting, I'm sorry to say that it's time to leave the Rainbow Six team. It's been a full seven years on stage and I'm proud of how my teammates and I performed.

I am lucky to work alongside such talented and hardworking people and I look forward to seeing them excel in the coming years. My heart will always be with the team and I will do my best to stay in touch.

As for our team, Mint will be the only coach. We've been playing and training together since the inception of DarkZero Esports on Rainbow Six, and I have a lot of respect for his character and approach to the craft. We will not be adding to our coaching staff at this time.

I am very excited to start a new phase with DarkZero Esports and especially ready to continue to develop this brand. Thank you for your continued support.

BC joined the DarkZero Esports organization in 2018. Over the next three and a half years, the American tried himself as a player and team coach. At the same time, BC achieved the greatest success as a coach of the team, with which he won the Six August 2020 Major - North America, and also took second place at NAL 2020 US Division - Finals and NAL - 2021 Season - Finals.

The next tournament for DarkZero Esports will be the North American League - 2022 Season - Stage 1, which will start on March 29th.

From now on, the composition of DarkZero Esports for Rainbow Six is as follows: