FaZe Clan bought Gorilla Core

Representatives of FaZe Clan have informed fans on the official Facebook page of the organization about the purchase of the eSports club Gorilla Core. From now on, the colors of FaZe Clan will be protected by the PUBG roster that is one of the best not only in Europe but outside it.

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The comment of Bruno Santos, CEO Gorilla Core:

“To the FaZe Clan fans,
I’m honored to be joining the community and can’t wait to get to work. We have been contacted by so many organizations over the last few months, but it’s always been about hardcore business. When FaZe Clan called us; we had an incredible talk and shared some good laughs together. We really connected; they’re great people. FaZe Clan is probably the only massive organization left that has been able to organically grow without any external funding and that allows them to be true to their fans, be themselves, try and fail, raise up again and move forward. If they can keep this up; it’ll be an incredible story. It’s real and so inspiring! I’m really proud to become part of this. I have to admit - I’ve been following FaZe Clan for years and to see the boys grow up has been both entertaining and awesome. FaZe Clan has some great plans ahead and I’ll do my best to execute and live up to their expectations. I guess it’s only one thing to say; FaZe Up!!”

You will be able to see the guys under the new tag at Intel Extreme Masters Season XII Oakland, where Gorilla Core has received a direct invitation. The first matches start on November 18 and a prize pool of the competition amounts $200,000.

The PUBG roster of FaZe Clan:

Zephyr (Coach)