ENINOEL left Vega Squadron

Today representatives of the eSports organization reported about that on their website.

Today the PUBG roster of Vega Squadron was changed for the first time since the team had been signed. Mihail «ENINOEL» Prudnikov leaves the team. The reason of the player’s exclusion wasn’t named but according to the information we can make a conclusion that the esportsman couldn’t live up to the new style of the team and its strategy.

Team manager, Nadezhda «PrincessFiona» Penzenik:

«Today we're saying goodbye to ENINOEL that stood at the origins of the team. Misha is an amazing person as well as a player - it's always great to work and chill with, but unfortunately PUBG scene is constantly improving together with strategies and tactics. Sometimes we have to adjust to the new tempo, fix the problems and grow together. Sometimes it can cause problems. Misha had a huge impact on the improvement of the team and I'm sure that thanks to the experience he gathered we'll meet again on the battlegrounds».

Now Vega Squadron’s roster is the following:

Georgiy «FiftyFourth» Tikhonov
Maxim «Maxiz0r» Tatarincev
Yarulin «VampireGame» Ravil