25% of Overwatch players moved to PUBG

Newzoo portal prepared statistics of players’ moving to PUBG from other games. For example, in Japan, this game was liked by many admirers of shooters, and over a half of Overwatch players moved to a new, largely undeveloped discipline. In should be mentioned, that WoW and Minecraft also lost players. From these games, 19% and 15% of players moved to PUBG correspondingly.

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This situation happened not only in Japan. In the whole world, about 11% of PC users tested a game, due to which it took 6 place in the list of games where players spent more time. According to the developers, for the 5 months of easily access, the users spent there over 25 years in total.

Despite a huge base of fans, the game is still under development and permanently upgrades. Not so long ago, the developers added to the game a system of transactions, in-game containers with cosmetics, and a first-person mode.