Sinatraa is signed by NRG Esports for $150,000

sinatraa, who is only 17, will get $100,000 year salary, which is higher than the minimum salary other organizations offer. Besides, revenue sharing options have been added to the contract. Along with his colleagues, he will get 50% of bonuses the team gets.

The salary of the player was a point for disputes for two organizations that hunted the player – Cloud9 and NRG Esports. During the bidding, his salary increased by $50,000 and the result satisfied both the player and his mother, who is currently his legal representative till he is still minor.

Jay will play again with Brad Rajani, who previously took the position of Selfless Gaming coach and co-owner, and how is the head coach of Overwatch roster for NRG Esports organization. He is also a manager of the team. sinatraa parted ways with Selfless Gaming on July, after disbanding the Overwatch roster.

Today, Jay "sinatraa" Won is known as one of the most prominent young American players. Many influencing organizations wanted to have him in their rosters. We are expecting to see his performance as part of the North American Overwatch World Cup team on BlizzCon, that will take place in Anaheim, California.

On November 3-4 team will play the first match against South Korea.