Misfits changed a captain in the main roster

The manager of Misfits esports organization announced on his official website that Overwatch roster has undergone some changes.

Vytis «Mineral» Lasaitis joined the team to replace the ex-captain Kalle «Zave» Haag Nilsson who is still a member of the team though he is inactive.

The management of the organization thinks that the roster has problems with the team work and stability of the results. This became the reason to change the key player of the team – a captain who was playing on support position. The latest achievement of the team with Zave as a team member was the fourth place on Overwatch PIT Championship.

A new Misfits captain has been playing on the professional Overwatch arena since spring 2016. A player has been a member of Luminosity Gaming Loyal and became inactive in the previous month. Mineral assisted LG Loyal to take the third place on Overwatch Winter Premiere, get to 9-12 position on Overwatch Open and 6-th place on Overwatch Carbon Series.

Misfits Overwatch roster appeared in June, last year. For the time of their existence, the team became a champion of Overwatch Open and DreamHack Winter 2016.

Misfits roster:

Andreas «Nevix» Karlsson
Sebastian «Zebbosai» Olsson
Tim «Manneten» Bylund
Kevyn «TviQ» Lindstöm
Jonathan «Reinforce» Larsson
Vytis «Mineral» Lasaitis