All participants of Alienware Monthly Melee became known

Some details of the upcoming championship, which is called Alienware Monthly Melee

have appeared. 8 teams will play at this tournament - all of them have received invites. Despite the fact, that there is one European team in the list of participants - Rogue - there will be no ping problems as they have come to their new gaming house of the organization in Las-Vegas.

The list of participants:

FaZe Clan
Hammers eSports
Luminosity Gaming
compLexity Gaming
Rise Nation


The whole championship will be carried in two stages - group stage and playoffs. Teams will be playing in the circle system during the group stage. It is worth considering, that none of the teams will leave the championship at the end of the group stage, two best teams will get to the winner’s bracket and others - to the losers bracket.

The playoffs will be presented in the form of the double-elimination bracket. The team, which comes to the grand-final through the winner’s bracket, will receive the advantage in one card. The tournament is scheduled for February 25-26 and will be held online. The winner will earn $6,000 of the money prize.