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We've put together a betting tip for the G2 Esports - MAD Lions match at the Bracket Stage Mid-Season Invitational 2023. From a world-class Korean derby, we move on to a European derby for life at the Championship.

The matchup is certainly an interesting and important one. For example, it will be decided which team is the best in Europe, and which of the region's majors will make their way to the first major tournament of 2023 in the League of Legends.

We will see which team will be stronger in a very evenly matched format and therefore continue to defend the LEC colours on the international stage.

Let's begin.

G2 Esports uniforms

In a similar vein to the T1-Gen.G game, we also have a clear leader and a team that is almost always favourite for intra-regional games. This is G2, who will play as favourites here.

The odds of G2 Esports winning this match are estimated at around 1.4. Looking ahead, we have a two-fold advantage here, but not quite a clear one.

Yes, G2 Esports is probably the most productive team in Europe of all time and only Fnatic can kind of challenge the status of G2. However, in recent seasons, the "samurai" a little slumped, which is not particularly evident in the overall performance, but remains a fact.

For example, G2 Esports won the winter LEC, thereby securing a place at the Mid-Season Invitational 2023, but only in the Play-In Championship. They couldn't make any further moves, because MAD Lions intervened and won the LEC Spring 2023. At the last one, G2 Esports looked worse than usual.

  • G2 Esports: BrokenBlade, Yike, Caps, Hans Sama, Mikyx.

The Samurai have one of the strongest squads in club history, but not the strongest. The 2018-2019 variation was better, as back then G2 Esports were a formidable force not only at home but also on the international stage.

There are Caps and Mikyx to prove it. They had already been Mid-Season Invitational champions with G2 Esports, but only four years earlier, in 2019.

This season they are trying to repeat the successes of the past, but are now on the cusp of failure. The Play-In went easily and effortlessly, with two 2-0 series, but they lost the first game of the Bracket Stage by a score of 1-3. However, you have to hand it to them, G2 tried to surprise, tried to impose their game on Gen.G and it partly paid off on Map 3, but the result was still 3-1.

G2 Esports' most popular champions

Gragas (3 matches, 66% win rate) goes to the top line.

In the woods either Belveth (2 matches, 100% wins) or Maokai (2 games, 50% wins) or Gragas (2 matches, 50% wins).

On the central line variety: Yasuo, Sylass, Cassiopeia, Sejuani and Yone

appeared in spades once each and won their game.

Of the shooters, Varus (3 matches, 33% win rate) is in play.

On Support Nautilus (2 matches, 50% wins), Nami (2 matches, 50% wins).

Apparently, G2 Esports intend to get even with the LEC Spring 2023 grudges. For that they have this bo5 match. However, the opponent is not too shabby, we know it from the same LEC Spring Split.

MAD Lions uniform

The MAD Lions will be playing against the Samurai in the 2023 Mid-Season Invitational's bottom flight. The team will play as underdogs. As we said above, the Lions are two steps behind here. The two-fold gap is expressed by the odds on victory in the region of 2.8.

You can agree with the state of affairs, but I would not be in a hurry to call the Lions losers. The MAD Lions have picked up steam in recent seasons, first and foremost this can be seen in the regional league.

Since 2021 they have been a consistent winner of LEC splits, with a small correction for the last losing season. In 2023 the team finished 2nd in LEC Winter 2023 and won LEC Spring 2023, which we would like to draw special attention to.

By the LEC Spring Split it looked like the MAD Lions were everything. "The Lions had drawn a tiebreaker in the group stage and struggled to make it through to the group stage. There with battles, sweat and blood made it to the play-offs, where they beat their future rival G2 Esports in the first round in a tough bout5, but the misadventures did not end there either: they had to beat Vitality (3-1) and secure the Reverse Sweep against BDS in the Grand Final.

  • MAD Lions line-up: Chasy, Elyoya, Nisqy, Carzzy, Hylissang.

The Lions have a fighting roster, no doubt. Get convinced of this was possible on the first map against T1 in the match at MSI 2023, where MAD Lions had a real opportunity to beat the top team in the world, but for that T1 and the grandees of the world stage to win the unwinnable. As a result, 3-0 in favour of the Koreans and the bottom of the net for the Lions.

The most popular MAD Lions champions

Fiora (2 matches, 100% wins) and KSante (2 matches, 50% wins) were the most popular MAD Lions champions. Also took Renekton (1 game, 100% wins) and Gnar (1 game and that defeat).

Sejuani (3 games, 66% win rate) is popular in the Forest. Next comes Wukong with 2 appearances and 50% wins, and there was also Maokai, who won his only match.

On the centre line, Viktor (1-1) and Akali (1-1) have 2 matches each. Azir and Sylas won their matches.

Of the shooters, Varus appeared most often (3 matches, 66% win rate). Lucian was picked 2 times (1-1) and Sivir was picked once more (1-0).

Thresh (1-1), Lulu (1-1) were the most frequent picks. Nami and Ashe, who appeared once each, won their matches.

History of G2 Esports - MAD Lions head-to-head encounters

G2 and MAD Lions have played each other 5 times in the current season. The score is 3-2 in favour of G2 Esports.

Game results

In this match, I expect a similar level of tension as the clubs played in the LEC Spring 2023. The safest option, total +3.5, as it will definitely not be 0-3 for either side.

Speaking of winners, my pick would be G2 Esports. The betting logic is simple: take the card from Gen.G/T1 - well done and have a chance of further success. Lions could not, although seriously led on the first card, and therefore my choice for G2.

Bottom line: victory for G2 Esports.

Now, the majority of bookmaker companies believe in G2 Esports victory. Odds on them are equal to 1.257. According to bookmakers data, MAD Lions are the outsider and odds on their victory amounts 6.702.

How did the participants perform in the last matches

Last MatchesG2 Esports MAD Lions
5 matches (wins)34
10 matches (wins)57

We will also remind you of the statistics of matches that the teams played with each other.

The teams played 24 matches with each other before.

In these battles G2 Esports got 14 victories while MAD Lions managed to take 10 matches.