Match Prediction: NRG Esports - Team Liquid | LoL

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The regional leagues are slowly reaching their end. The regions are nearing the end of their summer splits and North America is no exception.

The LCS Summer 2023 has 3 teams left to battle it out for the championship title and the $100,000 top cash prize. There's no talk of slots at Worlds 2023, as all three have already secured them.

Cloud9 is already in the grand finals, but the fate of the second place in the final match is still being decided. It is decided in the match between Team Liquid and NRG Esports.

We're trying to figure out which team will be stronger in this confrontation and earn a slot in the grand finals, and who will have to say goodbye to the prospect of winning the summer split.

Let's go.

NRG Esports uniforms

Let's start the match analysis with an analysis of NRG Esports' form. We do this because NRG are the first to be here.

NRG have already shown their competitiveness by getting to this late stage. To be honest, seeing them here was a surprise.

NRG are a complete newcomer to the LCS. This is despite the fact that they appeared on the stage of the North American professional League of Legends back in 2016. Back then, the club finished Top 6 at the spring split and Top 9 at the summer split. Since then, NRG fell into oblivion and stayed there until 2023.

They managed to return to the LCS after taking over the CLG slot. It's working out kind of well.

At their essentially first split, NRG made it to the top set of play-offs. They won the group stage 9-9, which looks pretty good overall.

  • NRG lineup: Dhokla, Contractz, Palofox, FBI, IgNar .

Having taken over the CLG slot, NRG signed former Counter Logic Gaming players. After some minor roster manipulation, FBI and IgNar, formerly of Evil Geniuses and Dignitas, joined the team. So, the club is kind of new, but in essence, it's just a modified CLG, with a slightly more pleasing performance.

The LCS "newcomers" played their first play-offs match against Team Liquid. The game against a nominally stronger opponent ended in NRG's favour with a score of 3-1.

The International was even more interesting, as NRG managed to defeat the top 1 team of the regular season - Golden Guardians. And they beat them on class, with a score of 3-1 without any difficulties.

But Cloud9 failed to do the same. "Cloud9 rolled NRG without any chances, closing the match with a score of 3-0 and sending NRG here.

Most Popular NRG Champions

The most popular champion on the top line is Gnar (10 games, 90% wins). Jayce has appeared 8 times and has a winrate of 87%. Kenen was played 4 times and won all matches, KSante 4 times and 3 wins, Renekton 4 times and 2 wins.

In the forest were Vi (11 matches, 72% wins), Sejuani (10 games, 80% wins), Wukong (7 matches, 85% wins), Le Sin (6 games, 83% wins).

On the centre line it was Azir (13 games, 69% wins), Gragas (6 matches, 100% wins), Kassadin (5 games, 100% wins), Viktor (4 matches, 75% wins).

The most popular ADC is Lucian (12 matches, 83% wins). Next are Varus (8 games, 87% wins), Caitlyn (5 games, 100% wins), Zeri (4 matches, 75% wins).

Nami (13 matches, 84% winrate). Ashe and Lux have 4 games and 4 wins each.

Team Liquid form

We continue the match analysis with an analysis of Team Liquid's match form. Nominally, they are second, because they fell to the bottom net before NRG.

Liquid show chaotic performance, which makes it hard to attribute them to the top clubs in North America. However, they have already earned their slot at the 2023 Worlds, which means the programme is maxed out.

If in 2022 the team was constantly in the top of the local league, taking the top 1 at LCS Lock In 2022, and then the top 3 and top 4 at LCS Spring 2022 and LCS Summer 2022 respectively, then in 2023 the situation has changed. At LCS Spring 2023, the team finished Top 8, which is clearly not the level of a top club.

  • Team Liquid lineup: Summit, Pyosik, APA, Yeon, CoreJJ .

After the unsuccessful LCS Spring, the team changed the player of the central league. The newcomer was APA, who previously played for Team Liquid Challengers.

Liquid managed to qualify for the LCS Summer 2023 play-offs. They won the group with a score of 10-8, thus securing their place in the top play-offs.

However, they didn't last long there. In the first match Liquid lost to NRG, who are surprising this season. In the first match of the lower play-offs Liquid outplayed 100 Thieves 3-1 and here they are.

Liquid's next opponent in the play-offs was Dignitas. The latter were no competition for Liquid and the match ended 3-0 in favour of Liquid.

Next was a match against Golden Guardians. Being an outsider on paper, Liquid managed to overcome themselves by closing the series with a score of 3-2. But it was a very nervous series, where after two taken cards Liquid gave up 2, but in the end they still finished what they started.

Team Liquid's most popular champions

Kenen (3 matches, 100% wins), Gnar (3 matches, 33% wins), Jax (2 matches, 100% wins), Rumble (2 matches, 100% wins) are the most frequently sent to the top line.

Foresters pick Vi (4 matches, 50% wins), Wukong (4 matches, 75% wins), Sejuani (2 matches, 50% wins), Lee Sin (2 matches, 50% wins).

In the mid are Ziggs (2 matches, 100% wins), Tristana (1 match, 100% wins), Cassiopeia (1 match, 0 wins), Neeko (1 match, 1 win).

On Shooters Aphelios (6 matches, 66% wins), Ashe (3 matches, 33% wins), Lucia (1 match, 1 win), Samira (1 match, 1 win), Xayah (1 match, 0 wins).

On support champions Rakan (4 games, 50% wins), Milio (3 matches, 66% wins), Rell (3 matches, 33% wins).

History of head-to-head meetings between Team Liquid and NRG

The teams met each other three times during the season. NRG Esports won twice, in groups and play-offs, and Team Liquid won once in the group.

The predicted result of Team Liquid vs NRG for the LCS Summer 2023 Grand Finals match is as follows

This rematch of the top set of play-offs promises to be The International interesting, as the teams for LCS Summer 2023 have a very The International interesting storyline. I'm not sure we're in for a repeat of the last match in terms of performance, as Liquid have picked up momentum in the lower playoffs and the match against Golden Guardians should be a morale booster.

All in all, I'm in favour of Liquid.

Bottom line: Liquid wins.

Now, the majority of bookmaker companies believe in NRG Esports victory. Odds on them are equal to 2.077. According to bookmakers data, Team Liquid are the outsider and odds on their victory amounts 2.749.

How did the participants perform in the last matches

Last MatchesNRG Esports Team Liquid
5 matches (wins)24
10 matches (wins)76

It will also be necessary to mention the history of face-to-face meetings between the opponents. The teams played 5 matches with each other before. In these matches NRG Esports won 2 times, Team Liquid active consisits of 3 wins.