Match Prediction: DRX - Edward Gaming | LoL

We continue to follow what is happening at Worlds 2022 in New York. Ahead of us is the final match of the first round of the playoffs.

DRX and EDward Gaming will play for the last place in the semifinals. The confrontation of the “eastern” giants is again on our screens.

We figure out who will be stronger on the way to the Summoners Cup, and who will have to be content with the TOP-8.

EDward Gaming Uniform

EDward Gaming will be the favorite in this match. The chance of the Chinese team to win is estimated at around 1.5.

The final match should be the most even if we look at the odds. 1.5 in the playoff match of this Worlds 2022 is not a bad result.

Given that EDward Gaming had a very mediocre season, they still pose a threat. How else, when we have the champions of last year's Worlds in front of us.

This year, EDward Gaming will try to repeat the success of the past years with the same roster, but the chances are much less now. It's all about the instability of performance, which we noticed during the season.

The situation has improved significantly at Worlds 2022

EDward Gaming results at Worlds 2022

At the 2022 World Championship, EDward Gaming got into Group A, where they were opposed by T1, Fnatic and Cloud9. It seemed that for the current world champions, the passage was guaranteed, but they did it with difficulty.

In groups, EDward Gaming lost twice to T1, which allowed them to qualify for the playoffs with a 4-2 statistic. Even second place in the group gave them arguably the best seed possible.


  • Flandre
  • Jiejie
  • Scout
  • Viper
  • Meiko

Now I can’t say that the rostre plays like a champion. You need to watch the playoffs, but there are drawdowns, which we saw in groups.

Heroes of EDward Gaming

The top lane featured Gnar (9 matches, 55% win rate), Gangplank (7 matches, 57% win rate).

In the jungle, the most consistent pick for base jungler, JieJie, was Viego (9 matches, 55% win rate).

Azir appeared in the central line for Scout (8 matches, 62% of wins) or Corki with Taliyah: both had 5 matches and 60% of wins for the first, with 100% of wins for the second.

Aphelios visited ADK. The character has won 5 in 9 matches.

Support most often to characters on top of Nautilus. The sea giant appeared 8 times and won half the time.

Form DRX

DRX will play as an outsider in this match. The chance of the South Korean club winning is estimated at 2.3.

2.3 is not a reason to lose faith in DRX. At this tournament, they have already proved that the problems of the season are over, or almost solved.

DRX has had a long road to this playoff. The team passed the Play-In stage, coming out from there from the first place, and then they decided on Group C at Worlds 2022.

DRX Results at Worlds 2022

At the 2022 World Championship, DRX ended up in the same group with Rogue, TOP Esports and GAM. There were chances to pass, but it was not easy to predict a cloudless future.

It all started not in the best way, with a defeat from Rogue. After that, DRX won 3 matches in a row, losing only to TOP Esports in the second Round-robin group C.

In the tiebreakers for first place, DRX defeated Rogue, which gave them victory in Group C and a pass to the playoffs.

DRX line-up

  • Kingen
  • Pyosik
  • Zeka
  • Deft
  • BeryL

The DRX roster is a true team of competitive LoL legends. Here is the eternally young Pyosik, personifying the club and in narrow circles the legendary duo Deft + BeryL. The only question for such a company is whether there is enough gunpowder in the powder flasks? Enough so far, let's see what happens next.

Heroes DRX

Having played on Worlds, DRX have entered the meta and are ready to play the most effective characters. Let's talk about them.

Aatrox appeared in the top of the South Korean club twice, and Gnar, Sylas and Camile appeared 1 time each. In general, DRX became one of the few, if only, teams using Sylas in the TOP.

Sejuani and Trundle played in the forest. The first was selected in 2 matches, and the second 1 time.

On the mid lane, Akali appeared more often than others. Azir, Yone and the same Sylas were also chosen.

From ADK they honor Miss Fortune (2 games), and besides her Tristana, not the most popular Ezrael and Sivir. They all appeared at once.

Amumu, Rell, Tahm Kench and Yuumi picked in the bot.

History of personal confrontations

Previously, the teams in these lineups did not play with each other. The Worlds 2022 quarter-final match will be the debut face-to-face confrontation.

Match outcome

In this confrontation, I have more faith in DRX. They are more attractive in this tournament and have everything to win: BeryL and Deft will go to the TOP-4, where the first one will get a chance to go to the final and compete for the Summoner's Cup again. If victory happens, it will not be easy.

Outcome: DRX victory.

All bookmakers have agreed that Edward Gaming is the favorite. This can be noticed because odds on them are 1.505. This number in the favor of DRX amounts 2.588. Respectively, the last ones are the underdogs of the upcoming match.

How did the participants perform in the last matches

Last MatchesDRX Edward Gaming
5 matches (wins)44
10 matches (wins)86

Gamblers will definitely be interested in the statistics of personal meetings between the teams. The participants in the battle before the meeting played 0 matches with each other. In these battles DRX got 0 victories while Edward Gaming managed to take 0 matches.