Heroes of the Storm news: Balance updates, May, 5th

Heroes of the Storm news: Balance updates, May, 5th

Heroes of the Storm character: Tracer

HP changed from 1270 (+4% for each next level) to 1206 (+4% for each next level). HP regeneration rate changed from 5.25 (+4% for each next level) to approximately 5.02 (+4% for each next level).

Basic attack damage changed from 29 (+4% for each next level) to 27 (+4% for each next level).

Focus Fire (Talent)

  • Last shot damage increased from 30% to 35% from the total dealt damage.

Locked and Loaded (Talent)

  • Damage bonus increased from 35% to 40%.

Melee strike (W)

  • Pulse Strike (Talent)
    • Pulse Bomb damage bonus increased from 15% to 20%.

Recall (E)

  • CD time increased from 24 to 26 seconds.
  • Slipstream (Talent)
  • CD lowered from 4 sec to 2 sec

Commentaries of Blizzard developers:

As we’re sure many of you have noticed, Tracer is performing just a little too well on all fronts. While we are excited to bring her to the Nexus, we understand that in the right hands, she can be an absolute terror to the enemy team. We’re lowering her Health, Basic Attack damage, and increasing Recall’s cooldown to make her less universally powerful. We’re going to be giving back some of that Basic Attack damage on her Level 16 Talent tier to further separate Sleight of Hand from the other options, which should help the choice between more Pulse Bomb charges vs. stronger Basic Attacks feel like a more meaningful decision.

We also saw an opportunity to help improve her Talent pick rates, so we’re making minor adjustments to Pulse Strike and Slipstream.

We’ll continue to keep a close eye on her, as we believe she is similar to Illidan, where the right place from a balance perspective is more narrow than most of our other heroes.

Fixes of Heroes of the Storm Patch :

Heroes and talents

  • Kael’thas’ basic attack under Sun King’s Fury Talent no longer cause any additional damage when Kael’thas’ misses target under Blind and Evasion effects.