Finally, Blizzard responded to the community’s outrage about Hero League

The situation in Hero League was becoming worse and worse all the time during the last year, Blizzard wanted to introduce the matchmaking system by a personal skill in the previous year but things went not as they had been planned to be and the MMR system was fully broken and they had to disable the system. In this season, they added the system of 50% win rate, if you have a rate higher than 50%, you earn additional rate points, otherwise, you will earn 200 or a less number of points, which makes players play a lot and due to this, the condition of all matches became worse.

Previously, only regular players complained but now, the professional ones started complaining too. They want Blizzard to reset MMR for everyone to improve the quality of matches. The comment of the developers of the game was made a bit after that:

Alan Dabiri, Game Director

“Hi guys,

We’ve been reading through a lot of the conversations that have been happening in the Heroes community about various topics like ranked play and matchmaking improvements. While we’ve been discussing some of these areas internally for some time, we definitely haven’t done a great job of communicating our thoughts and plans with you, and for that we apologize.

However, we do have thoughts that we’d like to share with you on some of these topics, and we’d like to start with a blog post we're looking to get posted in the next couple days. This blog post will focus on several of the most commonly discussed topics we've seen. We want to follow it up with a Reddit AMA on the Heroes subreddit a day or two after the blog post. That should help us dive into even more of your questions that we may not have answered in the blog.

As always, we really appreciate everyone who takes the time to share constructive feedback with us about the game. We're going to keep working on improving our communication with you guys. We’re looking forward to talking with you more this week, so keep an eye out for our blog and Reddit Q&A over the next few days.


There is a chance that they will listen to the community soon and start doing something with Hero League and we just have to wait for the information from Blizzard about their future plans to change Hero League.