Top 5 cards from “One Night in Karazhan”

Coming in at number 5, it’s Silverware Golem. This card peaked my interest due to the incredible synergy it shares with some already existing Warlock cards. Along with new discard mechanics and even pre existing ones like Fist of Jaraxxus, I think this card can spark a new style of Warlock deck, and one that might actually work. Just think about it – Coin + Succubus turn 1, it discards Silverware Golem and plays it. 7/6 worth of stats on turn one! And people say Shaman is crazy.

Up next, I’d like to highlight Onyx Bishop. I know, it’s a Priest card, and everyone’s giving Priest a lot of hate right now. But listen up – this card is crazy. It’s bad tempo, shouldn’t be played on curve, and loses a lot of value in the early – mid game. The interesting fact about this card is that its text reads “a friendly minion”, not “a random friendly minion”, meaning you can choose what it summons. If Resurrect costs 2 mana and summons a random minion, without the effect, a 3 mana 3 / 4 is still good value, so if it’s summoning a minion better than Resurrect can, it must be worth it, right? Just re – summon your Confessor Paletress and Hero Power again. What can they do about it?

Coming in third is the man himself, Barnes. This card has a lot of potential, and encourages some late game control decks that are actually very fun to play. I think this card works best with N’Zoth Paladin, as the 1/1 copies also count as Deathrattle resummons. The value is straightforward – 1/1 Sylvannas, 1/1 Tirion Fordring, 1/1 Ragnaros, honestly just about everything is good here. Even if you just pull a Loot Hoarder from it, that’s still solid value. Not too much to say about this one – it’s just good.

Coming in second may be a surprise to many, but I’m going to give it to Cloaked Huntress. I personally think this card is incredibly broken, as it lets you get potentially 7+ mana worth of value out of a minion that is already Tempo friendly. Aside from that, Eaglehorn Bow now gets even more value when suddenly, its charges are going through the roof. And now, with Cat Trick alongside things like Freezing Trap, Explosive Trap and even Dart Trap, your opponent can’t even use his Hero Power without being punished by an extra Bow charge and a negative effect. I think Secret Hunter, a sort of Midrange – hybrid deck, will perform extremely well in the upcoming expansion.

Placing first, you all saw it coming, is Menagerie Warden. This card is actually insane, and very likely to be the Dr. Boom of the expansion. It allows a player, on curve, to play a Stranglethorn Tiger turn 5 into Menagerie Warden turn 6 for 15/15 worth of value, and there is almost nothing you can do to stop it. It even works incredibly well with Call of the Wild, which is powerful even without board control. But with 2-3 minions ready to attack, it can actually become an OTK. This card is insane, and honestly isn’t difficult to use at all. There isn’t even too much to say about it. Let’s just wait until tomorrow and see how everything plays out.