StrifeCro signed a contract with Phoenix1

The ex-player of Cloud9 in the Hearthstone discipline - Cong «StrifeCro» Shu - has informed his fans that he will continue the gaming career in the organization Phoenix1. Representatives of the eSports club have announced that they are not going to stop on the signing of Cong and inversely will sign few more cyber-sportsmen in this gaming discipline.

Cong «StrifeCro» Shu protected the colors of Cloud9 over the last two years and a half, in which roster he won the first places at G2A Hearthstone Masters, Kinguin For Charity - Christmas Edition 2014, The Pinnacle 2, Team Archon Blackrock 2v2 Team Brawl and OGN Hearthstone Seoul Cup World Invitational. Also, the 2nd place at Viagame House Cup #3 can be noticed among Cong’s achievements.

The current Hearthstone roster of Phoenix1:

Cong «StrifeCro» Shu