Starladder announced the launch of the new HearthStone series

The company StarLadder has informed about the start of the new series of the card discipline tournaments. The championship is called Ultimate Series.

StarLadder Ultimate Series 2017 will be carried out on December 13-24. Ten participants are known at the moment, including StanCifka, Naiman, Neirea, ShtanUdachi and others.

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Participants will start in the group stage that will be hosted by a Round Robin system. The top two players of the group stage will go to the semi-finals of the playoff stage. Cyber-sportsmen, that hold the 3rd-6th places, will go to the quarterfinal. Four participants to play the worst will leave the tournament.

The list of invited players:


The playoff of SL Ultimate Series will be hosted in a single elimination bracket. With regard to the format, it will be familiar for everyone: Standart, Conquest Bo5 with a possibility of banning one of the opponent’s decks.

The general prize pool will amount $9,999 and it will be up for grabs for six players that reach the playoffs. The champion of the event will also receive an invitation to the online qualification to StarLadder i-League Invitational Season 4. If the winner is a player that has already had an invitation, an invite will be given to the silver medalist and so on.

The distribution of a prize pool:

• 1st place – $4.999
• 2nd place – $2.500
• 3rd place – $1.500
• 4th place – $500
• 5th-6th place – $250