"One Night in Karazhan" - the Good, the Bad and the Ugly

One Night in Karazhan has been an interesting adventure to say the least. We haven’t really had a specific theme this expansion plays around, like Discover, or Joust in previous ones. We’ve seen some… Dragon, Beast, Murloc decks, I guess? But lets look beneath the surface of these seemingly oddball cards and I’ll explain why I, for one, am excited for this expansion.

I’ll focus on a few of the new cards and why they on their own are important to the expansion. To start, all of the new portal cards are buffs in this expansion. Not only are they above average on their own, but every single one would be a solid pull from Yogg-Saron, especially the Mage and Druid ones. I’d also like to mention that the lore behind the portals – being that every class comes from a different land to the tower of Karazhan, through portals – is pretty flavorful as well. As much as we hate on it, Blizzard knows what’s up with this ‘soul of the cards’ nonsense.

Zoo is getting better, especially with Kara Kazham! being a thing, and Silverware Golem is pretty crazy too. That fact aside, I hope Discard Zoolock will become usable. After TGT, we saw a few players, including Eloise, run Discardlock on tournament, but they didn’t perform too well. I’m hoping that a combination of Silverware Golem and Malchezaar’s Imp will make it playable, in almost a Miracle Warlock – ish way. Cycle through your deck crazy fast, but kill your opponent with it. Maybe even run a Gadjetzan Auctioneer in there as well? Who knows?

Secrets as a whole got a nice buff. With cards like Medivh’s Valet for Mage and Cloaked Huntress for Hunter, both of which look crazy, maybe Tempo Mage can start to be run viably. Secret Hunter was more of a troll deck before, but now it might see play, even with Avian Watcher and a Freezing Trap to protect it.

The last thing I want to touch upon are Dragons. They get a bit of a buff with the Dragon, Beast, Murloc cards seeing as how the dragon buffs alone are usually more than worth it. But both are even nicer – Beasts aren’t as uncommon in decks as many may think. While some of the newer Dragon minions aren’t notable good, Netherspite Historian will be a nice adition, and is basically a situational, yet slightly better Museum Curator. Notice that the only aggro deck I mentioned here was Warlock? I’m hoping other decks, even if they aren’t full on late game control, will catch on to the point of being top tier. Be ready for August 11th!