Player Spotlight : Haiyun “Eloise” Tang

Player Spotlight : Haiyun “Eloise” Tang

In terms of competition, Eloise has a notable background, including placing high in NA vs CN, Gold League 2014, and even the China Blizzcon Regionals. Ranked 17 in China, Eloise is one of the few Chinese Hearthstone players to branch out to other regions. The fan base for Hearthstone and its players in China is intense, which leads many players to stick to their region when competing. Not only has she branched out, but also now competes for Tempo Storm, a primarily North American based eSports company.

Eloise has been involved in the competitive scene of Hearthstone since the game first came out, as both a professional player and caster, but her competitive spirit doesn’t stop there. She was notoriously involved in the STARS World of Warcraft guild where she was praised as the best Shadow Priest player in China.

That passion for gaming has certainly transitioned nicely to Hearthstone. Eloise’s unique personality as a player is what a lot of her fans and twitch viewers adore. Her positivity, occasional stories about other streamers and overall high level gameplay attract a variety of viewers. The support she has received from Tempo Storm for her transition to a very different competitive scene has been more than enough to keep her spirits high, and her passion to play undiminished. She continues to be driven by her determination to become the best player – and she doesn’t use that term lightly!

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