M19 signed two Hearthstone players

Eugenii «Rikitikitavi» Zanin and Dmitrii «unwi2» Izhmyakov joined М19 as players for Hearthstone roster.

Previously, only Pavel «Картошечка» Pavlenko was in the roster of М19. He won M19 HearthStone Open, thus winning the contract with the organization.

Last year, Dmitrii «unwi2» Izhmyakov was noticed in IeSF World Championship 2016. He ended his participation in the tournament on the group stage taking the third place in Group C.

As for Eugenii «Rikitikitavi» Zanin, he participated in 2017 HTC — Europe Spring Championship. As well as Dmitrii Izhmyakov he did not manage to pass to the group stage and ended his participation without passing to the play-off.

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М19 launched HearthStone division in May this year. After winning M19 HearthStone Open, Pavel «Картошечка» Pavlenko announced that due to the contract he can focus on the game and the career of esportsman. Except for the contract, the player was also rewarded with 50,000 RUB prize.

M19 Hearthstone roster:

Pavel «Картошечка» Pavlenko
Dmitrii «unwi2» Izhmyakov
Eugenii «Rikitikitavi» Zanin